Fall 2010 Trend Pt I: Fifties


 (In order from top left: Aquilano Rimondo, Fendi, Yohji Yamamoto, 
Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci, Giles, Louis Vuitton; 
photos via style.com)

Summer is slowly coming to an end as stores across the country already began flooding their stores with the newest Fall fashion.  While the tendency to bare minimal clothes will be far from over, there are plenty of options for those who miss the excess of layers, under wraps, and bundles of clothes. The fashion world is channeling the fifties this Fall with a huge emphasis on style icons, including Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot. Louis Vuitton even created a collection titled “And God Created Woman”, a 1956 film starring Bardot. You will notice this look through skirt shapes, print, colors, and hair and make-up styles. The great aspect about this trend is that it is easy to shop for year-round. Let’s take a look at some of the elements of fifties fashion, from mid-length skirts, to floral and vintage colors, and bold glamorous faces.


One key trend for this upcoming season will be the circle skirt. The circle skirt was very popular in the 50s, first worn over petticoats, then uniquely and diversely designed for teenagers, house wives and chic singles.  What makes them so unique is their formation, which is created out of a single piece of fabric – literally, a circle with the center cut out for the waist!  Of course nowadays, high fashion designers have their own take on the circle skirt, and have replicated it in numerous ways (see examples above).

The 50s circle skirt can be dressed up with a petticoat underneath to add fullness and offer a flirty, girly glamor. For crafty people, this is an incredibly easy garment to DIY as plenty of local shops, such as Joann’s, carry several patterns. For a quick fix, try searching local vintage shops which are likely to carry original and replica 50s items.  Also, sites such as Vivien of Holloway, Bettie Page Clothing, Stop Staring, and even eBay, have vintage garments and new designs inspired by eras like the 50s.
Another key garment for Fall 2010 will be mid-length (calf length), a-line or pencil, skirts. We found this length in the circle skirt, and it is truly an excellent length to try, as it is very flattering on a wide range of shapes and sizes. It is also a refreshing change from the minis that have been lurking around not only this summer, but for quite some time in past season trends. These two skirts are extremely versatile, which can make them a bit tricky to put together; here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling an outfit that includes these trends:
  1. High Heels: Throughout the summer, you’ve most likely been use to showing off your gorgeous legs in miniskirts and might be afraid a longer hemline will make you look short and odd. But don’t fear – dare yourself, if you’re not use to heels, to try on a pair of sky-high heels with a chic, below the knee skirt. The look you are aiming for is sexy mod, not an old-school librarian, and a great pair of heels will definitely elongate your silhouette to achieve this look.
  2. Cinch your waist and show some skin! You want to look sexy, and most importantly, womanly. A mid-length skirt should always sit at your natural waist; if you have a dress on, add a belt in the middle for people to see where it hugs your waist.
  3. Neutral color palette: When borrowing this look from the 50s, we don’t want the trend to look exactly the same. That’s why camels and grays are all the rage this season, especially with a more conservative approach like this. The below-the-knee hemline is supposed to look sophisticated, and bright florals and colors will not accomplish that. You can always add in splashes of color with your shoes, handbags, and jewelry. 
Color & Beauty

As far as prints and colors, think traditional inspired 50s prints such as florals and checks. Like previously stated, this time, florals and colors in general will appear autumnal, pastel, and neutral as well as more muted abstract prints.  Check will also be a huge print trend again; gingham is very 50s inspired and will look extra cute on blouses and skirts, something you can hang on to from your Spring/Summer wardrobe!

As for hair and make-up, the 50s brings us authentic styles with a contemporary twist. Think the return of 50s glamour red lips, liquid eyeliner, and hair styles with waves and structure. It’s all about making an incredibly bold statement. 50s red lips are updated by adding intense gloss over classic reds; experiment with liquid eyeliner by creating unique shapes such as winged out curves, pair purple lips and nude or gold eyes (or the opposite for something wild!); and new colors such as golds, nudes, and purples. One of Fall 2010’s key hair styles will be a twist on the classic bun, which is a classic 50s inspired look. Modernize this high bun by adding a fishtail braid into it, or for something more simple, a traditional skinny braid will also work. Add some even more detail to this style with a ribbon, perhaps leather, head band or silk scarf for a more authentic ’50s look.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to partake in the retro fifties trend!

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