Fall 2010 Trends Pt II: Fur

(Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Karen Walker,
Peter Som, Derek Lam, Versace,
Dsquared, J. Mendel – Fall 2010)

In case you haven’t already noticed, New York’s Fall runways, including the Mercedez Benz Fashion Show, were filled with fur, both real and faux, at their full creative capacity. Hooded, vested, belted, trimmed, dyed, and even accessorized, fur has been a powerful trend in the collections of almost every major designer for this Fall 2010 season.

Fashion trends for this upcoming season are greatly characterized by luxury and classicism. Since fashion plays an incredible role in physical appearance, it seems that designers strive to motivate people to discover their own unique style, as trends keep becoming more and more diverse. With fur, you have the potential to look like a full blown cuddly bear or have some bits and pieces on you. Some of the most memorable looks to hit the international runways were detailed in all sorts and colors of fur, from white Mongolian lamb cuffs to orange fox fur mini skirts. Whether you  choose to go for an all natural or artificial  fur, keep the following fur fashion garments in mind when adding items to your stylish new fall wardrobe:

Coats & Jackets:
Whenever I think about fur coats, I immediately imagine my mom’s closet filled with long, vintage mink coats that probably weigh more than I do. Now don’t get me wrong, these are absolutely lovely, but nowadays, designers have taken a whole new approach and managed to take these coats to another level, creating marvelous designs which suit the current trend perfectly. Not only will you find full-length furry coats, but collections will include even more unique styles – short, vested, hooded and dyed –  whichever you choose, you will without a doubt look fashionable and keep extremely warm! Double win.

Accessories are my favorite part of putting an outfit together, since they can complete and transform the look I’m going for in an instant. With fur accessories, you can easily exaggerate your outfit without too much effort since they already create an eye catching effect. Designers have come up with a variety of fur accessories to choose from, including hats, bags, jewelry, and more depending on the outfit you are going for! Pay great attention to accessories this season (and all the time!) since they can make a great difference when it comes to your complete look.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many boots I feel the need to purchase every fall/winter season. These new boots that designers have created are so unique and will definitely complete the look of your outfit and keep you super cozy. Whether the fur is coated on the inside or on the outside, the new creations look absolutely adorable. Fur definitely attracts attention – choose flat boots, ankle boots or high heel boots and you will look absolutely amazing!

What are you looking forward to wearing most?!

Now for a brief, deeper insight on some of the top designers and their take on fur for this Fall season:

Chanel’s FW10 collection displayed faux furry trousers, extremely scruffy fur boots, fluffy onesies and fur-embroidered capes. Real or faux, Chanel represented fur in almost every look coming down the runway.

Louis Vuitton never fails to surprise me with unique garments – shown above, we see a stunning wool dress with nice furry details on the sleeves, paired with sandal-boots with attached leg-warmers.

Fur from Karen Walker’s Fall 2010 collection served as dramatic flair for the designer’s vintage looks. I love the pairing of her light gray, floral print dress underneath an amazing fluffy sheepskin vest.

After a short hiatus, Peter Som made his return to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show with a bold  statement – creating fur coats in all sorts of colors (bright blue and pink). Made from Mongolian lambs wool, he paired these gorgeous coats with similar-toned dresses or skirts. Peter Som definitely is not afraid to go on the wild side!

Derek Lam’s Fall 2010 collection found its inspiration far out in the Wild West. His combination of fur vests and cowgirl boots are a perfect mix of Western culture and high fashion.

I could not get enough of Versace’s Fall 2010 showcase during Milan Fashion week. Filled with leather leggings, skirts with high slits, colorful fur, skintight dresses and provocative gowns – Versace stays sexy and noticed.

Again at Milan Fashion Week, Dsquared showed models off in heavy dominatrix wear – hardcore black leather and chains, latex, red lips, feathers, and skintight garments. Love it.

Finally, for J. Mendel’s 2010 line at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the designer’s goal was to place elements of nature within a downtown scene. A few instances of this appeared in a natural muskrat and raccoon asymmetrical vest (shown above), black raccoon and ranch mink messenger bag, and a bleached silver fox hooded vest. The designers at J. Mendel were successful in achieving a look that was glamorous without being Choosing to create styles that were textured and light, the designers at J. Mendel achieved a look that was glamorous without being too overbearing.

Fall 2010 fur

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Fall 2010 fur by abcDanah featuring Prada shoes

What do you think of the fluffy trend for this Fall? Do you think there is a limit as to how much to wear at once? What about faux fur? Would you ever wear any of the outfits above? Do you have anything fur in your closet right now – whether it be a handbag, shoe, vest or full coat? Do you feel that fur has a time and place or is it OK to wear any day of the week? 

Sound your opinions, as well as other ideas and suggestions you may have, in the comments below! 

Until next time,

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