My Supernova Girl!

In case you haven’t already noticed (based on my post on Retro-Futurism), I am obsessed with space, the galaxy, stars, and the like! It’s as if designers know this fact about me, since the space-age trends and galaxy-inspired collections keeps following me!  I normally don’t like to blog about the same topics, especially when I just did a few weeks ago, but I found this collection really interesting. Designer Ana Ljubinkovic created a Galaxy collection, inspired by the aurora borealis effect and the Milky Way galaxy – I just got extremely giddy! The Serbian designer included white, pink, and turquoise to embody the Northern Lights, while star-shaped forms, rhinestones, and metallics convey the essence of celestial objects. I also notice a bug-like essence in the shapes as well, specifically on the hips, and a Western feel with the fringe. Although some of the pieces aren’t fitted to my liking (I would have preferred the garments tighter), all in all, I thought it was beautiful and very mystical.

Take a look at the runway video and photos below! I love the unusual pauses, the expression the models have, and the song choice. Everything meshes together perfectly.
I would totally wear these outfits, change my name to Zenon, and yell zetus lapetus everywhere! Okay just kidding, but kudos to you if you understood that ;D

Let me know what you think of this collection! Is it something you can see yourself wearing or is it too far out in space for your liking?

Until next time,
Danah (:

photos via ana ljubinkovic

2 responses to “My Supernova Girl!”

  1. I would totally wear this (not sure how good I'd look in it, but I would!), then again I'm probably not a good basis for 'normal'. The only thing I'd say is some of the construction on the white fabric looks slightly rushed. It could be the reflection of the flash or the fit on the model, you never know, but I do appreciate the lengths she went to to express the feel of The Northern Lights, as a huge fan of them myself. The fringe was an interesting addition to that idea. 😀


  2. wowwww!!! architecturlely stunnnning!! the structure and fit is perfection!


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