Spring 2011 Favorites Pt I

Hello! Long time no post – I know. Things have been crazy hectic but I won’t go into that; let’s just get you all updated! I finally went through each and every collection from Fashion Week – yup, looked through over 175 designers and picked out my favorites for next Spring! It was very exciting and I was very pleased for the most part; for the first maybe quarter (or a little less, I can’t remember), I was fairly disappointed and couldn’t seem to find any that amazed me or that I even slightly liked (I was seriously close to ripping my hair out – I was so confused!). They were either not my aesthetic whatsoever or just incredibly bland! I love minimalism but by no means does that account to a designer showcasing pieces that makes it seem as if they were extremely lazy! As I continued though, I found things I absolutely fell in love with (didn’t doubt that!). When I was finished, I realized there are a number of trends I look forward to including more of in my closet (you’ll notice with the repetition of them in the collections!) – some are mesh/see-through garments, crochet, mod, colorful bold prints, draping, leather, military, and more! I can’t remember all of them right now since I discovered so many; so without further ado, here are my favorite collections for Spring 2011 (in no order really – probably just alphabetically)! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do – please share your favorites with me! (I apologize for the posts being SO long but I have tons of favorites. You’ll like them though!!)

Aminaka Wilmont
Antonio Berardi
Basso & Brooke
Bibhu Mohapatra
Carlos Miele
Christian Siriano
Cushnie Et Ochs

  Daniel Vosovic

 David Koma
Dennis Basso

Elise Overland

part II continued next… (:
Don’t forget to share your thoughts! I love hearing what your 
opinions are and what kind of style you sport! 

One response to “Spring 2011 Favorites Pt I”

  1. hi gal, thank you for such cool post!!!
    thay all are stunning, however Christian Siriano is my favorite from your picks!


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