How-to Guides!

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week and have enjoyed the first day of fall, even though it’s 90 degrees here in Washington, D.C. ): I cannot wait to start layering my clothes, baking my famous pecan pie, and sipping on hot and spicy pumpkin spice lattes. This season is all about trying new everything, which is what brings me to this poll I have for you. I would love to present you all with more how-to guides on style, clothing, make-up, hair, and anything else you may be interested in knowing more about – similar to the first one I posted here.

Please take a vote in the poll below for the category that you would like to know most about (I’ll do them all though eventually), and if none appeal to you at the moment, select “other” and specify what you would like (in the comment form below the post!) If you voted for a topic listed, please comment as well so I know who specifically is interested in each of the topics; it gives me a better idea of who you are, as I would love to get to know each of you!

Thanks so much and I can’t wait to see the results
and get started on these guides for you!

Until next time,

2 responses to “How-to Guides!”

  1. lol I pick hats. 'Cause I love them, but never get to wear 'em. >.>


  2. I need to learn how to match a cute top with creamish brown pair of trousers. I'm not good at coordinating colors, so that would be nice to see. thank you!!!


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