Tasty Tuesdays!

Hello!  Fall is in the air (for some of us, at least) and I couldn’t be happier – although, I would like it to be a little bit cooler so I can start wearing my boots and layer up!  If you don’t know already, I am in love with baking – cookies, cupcakes, cake, pies – you name it; I have a major sweet tooth!  As that card above states, stressed IS desserts backwards – further proof that desserts can and do treat our worries and annoyances (definitely works for me…) As I’ve already started thinking of the yummy treats I plan on baking this fall (my famous pecan pie, anyone?), I immediately thought of all the cute food-inspired accessories, jewelry, and garments designers and stores have invented and incorporated into their creations.  Treats aren’t only for eating – you can wear them now, too (although edible ones are always more fun hehe)!  So today, and every Tuesday from now on, I will be sharing some of my favorite wearable, usable, and edible treats for you, and even include delicious DIYs & recipes!  If you have any ideas of your own, questions, or comments, please leave them in the comments!

Open up your sweet tooth and enjoy these cute and yummy pieces of jewelry!

I could post more, but that would, like always, take me days!
What do you think of these? Aren’t they adorable? 
Stay tuned for a step-by-step DIY on how to make a resin 
and polymer clay piece of jewelry – it’s not as hard as it seems!
Also, look out every Tuesday for some tasty photoshoots, accessories, 
garments, recipes, DIYs and much, much more! 
Leave your thoughts below!
Until next time,
Danah (:
photos & accessories found at etsy, fredflare, & karmaloop

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