bone chilling.

It is officially October 1st, which brings us one day closer to Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year! It’s not often we find extremely creative pieces of jewelry; most are repetitive of what we’ve already seen or very “wearable” pieces. For me, it’s those pieces that you wouldn’t normally find yourself wearing daily, that I love to look at and even buy – statement pieces that tell stories are fantastic.

A creative passion for design and incredible innovation is a part of innovative jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez’ heritage. Her mother Silvia is a celebrated accessory designer of the Fendi family and Delfina’s father is the French jewelry designer Bernard Delettrez. Born in Rome in 1987, Delfina spent much of her childhood between the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. Following studies at the French school and American high school, the creative girl acquired a taste for haute couture during work at Chanel’s style office in Paris. Realizing that her talents were best expressed in the sector she grew up around, Delfina turned her attentions to jewelry design.

In 2007, Delfina presented her first jewelry collection to the international press at Collette in Paris. Her signature style combines natural elements such as gold, silver, iron, copper, Tuscan marble with precious stones and gems. Picking up many skills as a child by watching her father at work, Delfina’s one-of-a-kind pieces are all created in her father’s Rome based workshop. Unlike her father’s classic designs, Delfina’s jewelry is inspired by her love of all things Gothic, romantic and spookily sinister. Jewel skull necklaces, enamel rings adorned with frogs, bone and animal-inspired jewelry that look back at you through eyes of Murano glass (I’m a huge fan of her inclusion of the evil eye!)

Delfina thinks of herself when she designs and wants to create something for women with a strong character and a sense of humor. She states that she “dreams about jewelry pieces” and oftentimes her “inspirations come from [her] memories…fears…and phobias…” – all elements we can definitely observe when seeing her creations. Her ability to “explain [designs] with words” is extremely inspirational, beautiful, and truly poetic.  I definitely feel that people can relate to her pieces as each one tells a unique story, diving us deep into her aesthetic.

A snippet of my excitement for Halloween with some of the pieces from Delfina’s spectacular spooky collection below:

These are truly bone chilling and beyond statement pieces – I would
love to have every single accessory in my collection! Which is your 
favorite? Are these too dark for you or would you wear them 
in a heartbeat? Is it something you’d include in your daily
wardrobe or a special occasion type of thing? 

Until next time,
Danah (:

photos via couturelab

1 thought on “bone chilling.”

  1. The pieces are so amazing! Halloween is also one of my favourite times of the year, and I would definitely wear these!
    I really like the belt & the skeleton fingers bracelet/ring, they're gorgeous!
    Love your blog, will be following!


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