Paris Fashion Week Part I

Hello! I know my previous post said I had officially moved to WordPress, but let’s be honest here… I miss Blogger. It’s much much easier, even though there are still complications (I’m assuming so, at least). BUT! When I signed on today, I received a notification that image uploads will be disabled for a couple of hours tomorrow due to maintenance. Hopefully that means the problem I have been facing, will be fixed. This will be my last attempt at a post with no glitches – if one more thing happens, then I will have to stick to WordPress, despite its difficulty troublesome uploading pictures as well.

Let’s get back down to Fashion! Paris Fashion Week came to an end, showcasing an outstanding number of beautiful and truly innovative collections. This is my largest number of favorites for any Fashion Week thus far – so you will be seeing endless amounts of collections in just a bit. Trends seen for Spring 2011 include denim, color-block, Euro-chic, wild animal prints, sexy lace, sheer, punk rock, seventies, colorful floral and abstract prints, and interesting business attire.

After taking a look at my favorites, let me know what trend you’re looking forward to including the most of in your closet! I’ll soon be doing a report on Spring 2011 must-have trends, and a Tasty Tuesdays update, of course! Stay tuned. For now, here are my favorites…

(part I)
A.F. Vandevorst
Alexander McQueen
part II coming up next… (:

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