Fashion Military Bootcamp!

I cannot even begin to explain how sorry I am for not posting in such a long time; I feel terrible. I’ve been going through many roller-coasters these past few weeks, but things are definitely starting to look up again (thank God! Hopefully it keeps progressing). I’ve missed TWO Tasty Tuesdays which I promise I will make up next week with a HUGE tasty post! Right now though, I bring to you my second how-to guide (take a look at my first one here in-case you missed it)! Many of you took a vote in my poll a while back, and while I wish I received more votes, I decided to just go with what I have – Military!

Ready for Military Fashion Boot Camp? Pull out your trench coats, cargo pants, utility dresses, and anything olive green with rusty brass buttons and chains, because I’ve pulled together a detailed how-to guide on the influence and trend of Military, as well as 4 easy-to-put-together outfits you can try yourself for specific occasions: school, work, date night/night out, and lazy days. Interested? Read on (or drop and give me 50…!)

The Military influence was all over Spring and Fall runways (the flak and utility jacket may have even replaced the leather bomber as the official outerwear of your M.O.D, a.k.a. model off duty look!). The earthy palette of olive greens and burnished neutrals, along with tons of amazing utility features and clean structured cuts is a perfection complement to this fall’s trends. While this trend can be pulled off with minimal effort and make you look effortlessly in-charge of everyone, it can easily be overdone as well, making it seem like your style icon is Private Benjamin. So continue reading to learn how to pull it off just right, while still keeping your own unique style.

From the very high-end designers to the more affordable brands, retailers are leading the military charge with unique twists on Army jackets, cargo pants, utility dresses, and other designs that will transform you into a style soldier in no time! I definitely feel that Military elements are classic details that will (and shouldn’t) never completely go away. With all the feminine details that have been extremely popular these past couple of seasons, now is the perfect time to layer in that ‘boy’ element with a Military-esque fringe.

Military is not a trend where you have to spend a lot of money or time for it to look good and/or right; the army jacket, for example, goes with practically anything and can be dressed up or down. This piece in particular makes you stand out and portray a strong, tough message, like nothing is going to get in your way (that is what fashion is all about, after all – confidence is key!). When it comes to Military clothing, you do not (and shouldn’t) go over the top; all you need to do is add a touch of something that is Military inspired, such as with buttons, chains, structured collars, and something as simple as the color olive. Let’s get down to basic training and get yourself ready to charge – your credit card, that is!

Nowadays, unlike the Military trend in the past, it has a softer look to it, where previously we saw very structured and rigid styles; now you can see soft cargo, less structured jackets, and more flowy looks – I feel it’s a much easier look to wear this time around. As I previously stated, be sure to be influenced by the trend and not go for a head to toe look (this goes for all trends). For example, if your style is classic, keep your outfit simple by adding military colors into your wardrobe such as tans, khakis, and olives. For a more bold and edgy take, try finding basic everyday pieces adorned with chains, zipper, brass buttons, and other hard embellishments and tools.

The key thing to remember about trends is that they come and go constantly, so it’s crucial to look for pieces that you will wear for a long time, even if it means spending a bit more money than you initially planned (although, of course, you can find inexpensive pieces that will last you for a long time as well!) Another important element to keep in mind is balance – a bold printed dress with a cargo jacket or a cargo pant with edgy zippers and a beautiful, feminine, lace top are just a couple of examples on creating soft and hard elements together. Try to look for pieces to fit your own unique style – this trend doesn’t have to be so obvious – you can get away with wearing a really cute army jacket with ruffles, and even make the look sexier by wearing an oversized button down, belted, with skinny black leather leggings and a high heel shoe – that will really make you in charge!

Key Pieces:
  • Let’s begin with an Army jacket – double breasted or single breasted with brass or gold buttons. You can pair this essential Military piece with a leather legging to give it a dressier, edgy look, or you can wear it with jeans, or something as simple and clean as khakis. To make it even more stylized, add a belt to cinch your waist and amp up your look. Army jackets are like boyfriend blazers – throw one on and go! 
  • We have all seen military jackets and fell in love with the very structured, confident look, so why wouldn’t we love military dresses? An instantly sexy look is a black military dress or long trench coat with a pair of black booties to match. To add a bit of brightness and color, try a tan or camel toned dress with gold buttons, paired with a nude shoe to elongate your legs nicely. Pair some textured tights underneath a collared button-down dress for an edgier feel.
  • Military, like any other trend, isn’t only about the clothing! You can work this look into your wardrobe with shoes, accessories, handbags, and jewelry. Find a pair of booties with an array of buttons to wear with any dress, or some chunky combat boots for a grungy, edgy look. Add a military messenger bag or shoulder strap bag to further achieve this look along with jewelry that include a mix of chains, mixed metals, brass and gold tones, buckles and straps, and braided or leather embellishments.
Other Military Details:
  • Brass buttons, cargo pockets, double-breasted fronts, high collars, structured shoulders, flap pockets, zipper detailing, chunky belts, epaulets, pleating, cuff sleeves, olive/army green, belt loops, buckles/straps, chains, metal, khaki and beige tones.

Inspirational Military Looks/Examples:

On campus outfits should be two things – easy to put together and 
comfortable. So for my first look, I pulled garments that look sophisticated
but are also easy to move around in. 

Night Out/Date Night:
At night, you don’t want people to think you’re going to an Army reunion party, but don’t sweat it, pulling off a Military chic look is simple and will have you right in charge of your date (;

Military Night Out

Military Night Out by abcDanah featuring a chain ring

Military at Work:
As I stated above, you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard with a certain trend, especially one like Military and especially in the work field (unless you work for an Army company, then maybe it will give you some brownie points? hehe) Keep in mind being classy, and adding just a touch of Military flare, like I’ve done below. 

Military at Work

Military at Work by abcDanah featuring brown watches

Lazy Soldier:
For those lazy days where you simply don’t want to take much time to dress up, finding pieces that are Military inspired are especially easy. Something as simple as an olive green tank, black cargo mini and combat boots will have you ready to go and enjoy your day!
Lazy Soldier

Lazy Soldier by abcDanah featuring sleeveless tank tops

This concludes my Military How-to Guide. I hope you have learned a lot, been inspired and motivated, and ready to put together outfits of your own!
 What do you think of my guide? 
What about the outfits I put together? 
Did they help you figure out the Military trend? 
How do you wear the Military trend?
Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and 
any other questions you may have! 
Until next time,
Danah (: 

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  1. I think this is amazing and that every time I read about a trend on your blog new characters are born in my head. ❤


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