Fashion, Science, & the Future

Out of the thousands and thousands of fields in the world, there are two in particular that I feel are ever growing and changing day after day: fashion and technology. We all know how it goes – you mark the exact date and time as to when the new item you’ve been waiting to come out will finally be released, you’re the first person waiting in line, you finally purchase it, and absolutely love it to death, only to find out the very next day, a newly updated version came out.  You win some, you lose some – that will never change. But, don’t think of this as a bad thing because it certainly is not (in my eyes, at least), especially when say, designers combine two means such as fashion and technology where the possibilities are truly endless, and each unique.

I’ve always been absolutely fascinated with the way Science and Technology work, and incorporating them into fashion is incredibly genius to me, and definitely something I would love to keep studying and hopefully someday even get a hands on myself! One amazing designer I have recently come across is Amy Winters. Loving anything futuristic (like in my previous post on Retro-Futurism) and science/tech related (especially, again, when fused with fashion), her collection had my jaw dropped and my inspiration shot to levels it hasn’t in a very long time.

Amy is a new media artist and fashion designer whose work lies at the intersection of fashion, visual arts, music, film, dance and theater. The British/Swiss artist graduated from Central Saint Martin’s in 2006 with a BA in Theater Design. Previously, Winters has worked in the smart textiles industry on projects collaborating with scientists to create new fabrics for the fashion industry.

Her background in theater gave her a strong spirit of observation and understanding of human behavior and its environment. The central theme in her work explores interaction – reaction, response and process. A personal obsession with theme parks, imaginary worlds and multi-sensory experiences and bringing means together such as art and science are the driving force behind her work (something I definitely embody myself).

Based on Hydrochromic and Photochromic technology and inspired by the vibrant colors of the rain-forest, light rain, cloud bursts and bright tropical thunderstorms, her collections include magnificent wearable printed garments such as ones which change color in reaction to sunlight and water, dresses reactive to sound, and illuminated clothing.

Her brand, as she states in her own words, is truly and “highly theatrical, playful and expressive”. Take a look at her beautiful and inspiring collections below to see for yourself!

The first is the ‘rain-forest’ showpiece which changes color on reaction to sunlight and water, morphing from a black and white world into living color. 

The second is the ‘thunderstorm’ dress, which is sound-reactive and transforms the wearer into a living thunderstorm. Made with bespoke holographic leather and sound-reactive, animated electroluminescent panels, as the volume rises, the dress illuminates to create ‘visual music’.

You MUST take a look at this video that showcases the lightning dress in action!

The third collection included fiber-optic woven fabric, LEDs and EL wire, to create incredible space-like dresses, luminescent from far away.
You can’t tell me these aren’t incredible… I would love to customize one or two or… ten… ;D
Amy Winters is an amazing designer to follow closely if you are looking for the Haute-Tech touch in your wardrobe, like I am. Check out her beautiful collections, more about her and other projects at
Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Until next time,
Danah ♥
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5 responses to “Fashion, Science, & the Future”

  1. These..they're so..AMAZING. My favorites are the color changing in the first set and that veryyy last photo is just gorgeous. And that Thunderstorm dress is way cool. <3

    Thank you so much for sharing! 😀


  2. awesome photos. I like futuristic style


  3. Lindsay: I'm glad you think so, I'm in love with futuristic fashion!

    Brianna: Of course! I'm so glad you enjoyed them as much as I did <3

    Brandy: Me too! It's something that a lot of people are liking nowadays, so I'll definitely be sharing more (:



  4. woahh… the last group of pictures are incredible

    love from new york,


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