Busy Bees and Snazzy Boys!

I’m currently sitting in my what apparently looks like an ocean room (according to my sister), where it’s one of the few breaks I’ve had since I started this semester, hence me not sticking to the schedule I promised myself and you all. This semester is definitely going to be quite challenging and time consuming for me, but I will try my best to update when I am free. I had no idea my classes would be sucking up my time like this, but I do want to do well this semester and keep this blog running. Also, I just got an internship for a boutique styling firm, Blueprint for Style. It’s honestly a dream come true right now – to be working for something I want to pursue as a career in my future is just incredible! More on that later (my conference call is in a few hours!)

If you don’t know already (although, I hope it is obvious!), I spend the majority of my free time researching various areas in fashion, and recently, Fashion Week has begun! Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Menswear Winter Collections just concluded in Milan, Germany, and Paris. I thought I would present to you my favorite menswear collections; yes, I am also very much interested in men’s fashion! Who doesn’t love a well-dressed guy? I sure do!

Are there any certain trends, articles of clothing, or styles in general you love to see on men? Anything you just can’t stand? Share with us your perfectly, and not so perfectly, dressed guy! Here are my favorites, below (3 parts)
Ann Demeulemeester:
Ann Demeulemeester’s latest menswear collection is greatly inspired by visionary poet William Blake who was a prominent figure of the Romantic Age. She took his famous visual artistic work and envisioned what it would be like in the modern day. Bringing elements of earth, air, fire, and water, she created an incredible collection with a palette of oranges, golds, and blues. Based around a series of precise horizontal cuts that left jackets and coats flying open like the models had a breezy, relaxed attitude, we see sharp layering along with bottoms veiled in silk. She explained that her collection “[is] not deconstruction”, but rather, “a new way to give movement.” 
  I’ve always been a huge fan of Balmain, both the menswear and women rtw collection, because I feel they are always very wearable and cater to various types of people. This just might be why Christophe Decarnin, leader of Balmain Homme, says it is not a collection, but rather, a wardrobe. A huge emphasis lies upon outerwear in this Fall collection, including a raccoon-hooded parka and a huge shearling coat. The piled-on layers allow great diversity in the overall look, so although the look can be quite aggressive, piece by piece, its simplicity is the strength. Many “real guys” would be able to relate to Balmain’s collections, and not be caught off guard by eccentric styles we see from other designers.
  This collection was so much fun to look at, particularly because I have a huge place in my heart for Disney and the lifestyle of the mid-late 1900s. With a schoolyard essence to the collection, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana included fitted blazers, repp ties, and colorful corduroys. With brilliant blues, yellows, and grassy greens piled on all at once, D&G even designed their own take on black-light ink with casket headphones, made in collaboration with Skullcandy. At the finale, the models poured out at once in graphic vintage tees and high-top sneakers.
Dolce & Gabbana:
 The show’s theme, Sartoria Eccentrica, was well suited for East End boys. Low-rise, multi-pocketed pants were slung off skinny suspenders. One model sported Freddy Krueger stripes and another wore a spiffy edge to a checked, fitted, double-breasted jacket, while cropped, double-vented jackets and those pegged, low-slung pants created a boxy, bubble-butted silhouette that added beef to the already buff models. Add that to the chunky, bovver-ready footwear and these boys were a bit of rough fighters, not lovers. Domenico and Stefano then threw a couple of sequined jackets in pink and black, then they closed the show with their own past of black velvet jackets and distressed Dolce denims.  
Part II continued next…

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