Wednesday Wishlist #2

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week has been off to a good start so far. Mine has been wonderful, despite the fact that it is so muggy, snowy, and cold outside; a huge snowstorm hit the DC/VA/MD area today and I’m officially snowed in. I’m doing the snow dance all night hoping classes are canceled tomorrow! This calls for hot chocolate and baking all night (:

Before I dive into the second edition of my ‘Wednesday Wishlist’, I thought I would share with you a bit of information on the internship I am currently partaking in. The company is Blueprint for Style, “a savvy and upscale Image Consulting, Personal Styling & Branding Company that specializes in creating polished personal images and company-wide branding across a variety of industries.” I am ecstatic to work for the company and its owner, Monica Barnett, as many of you may already know that one of my dreams is to start my own styling business. I can’t wait to learn more about the business aspect of the fashion industry as well as learn more styling tips and fashion knowledge. This will be an extremely exciting journey for me, and I will definitely be sharing it with you all! I’d appreciate it if you would subscribe to their blog here, Facebook fan page here, and my Twitter with updates on the internship!

Now for my weekly fashion craves! Since it’s (unfortunately) still winter, I’m realizing that the one thing I’ve been most in need of is a pair of boots. I have a few pairs, but one of them has a broken zipper, another has a punctured heel, two are high heels which I can’t wear very often, and the ones I’m wearing now are too casual and the fabric (knit sweater) isn’t ideal for the winter. This leaves me longing for a pair of boots I can wear everyday, with any type of outfit. I’ve still been yearning for the ankle booties I posted on my last Wednesday Wishlist; I must have called over 5 DSW locations to see if they are in stock and luckily ONE store has them! I put them on hold and will hopefully be picking them up tomorrow – yay! Let’s take a look at what else is on my list…

Urban Outfitters Birdcage Jewelry Display ; Maybelline Shine
Sensational Lip Gloss; Urban Outfitters Spinning Jewelry
Stand; Betsey Johnson Bow Tie Tote; Forever21
Leatherette Wingtip Shoes.
I’ve been in desperate need of jewelry stands/storage, which is why I chose these two from Urban Outfitters. The first one (top left) you can hang up and it stores earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and just about anything that you can “hang”. I love how it has several hooks so I can color coordinate my jewelry and keep everything separate from one another! 
The other jewelry stand is essential since I have more earrings that won’t fit on the other; in addition, it has a nice little tray on the bottom that I can use to store my rings! The ribbon design is a cute little extra perk that makes me like it even more.
Next, I’ve been looking for a lipgloss/lipstain that matches and enhances the color of my lips, isn’t sticky, and smells nice. I haven’t personally tried the Shine Sensational Lip Gloss by Maybelline, but I’ve heard only good things about it, so I want to try it soon! If you’ve tried it, let me know; and if you have any other recommendations, let me know as well! 
Something that I’d be carrying my lipgloss in is an everyday big tote. I haven’t bought a new purse in years and I really need one that can carry multiple things, one that I can carry just about everywhere, and one that matches everything! This was just a quick search, and not something that I’m absolutely dying to have, but it is super cute and Betsey! I’m not sure where to look for nice, durable, and affordable bags – suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
The last item featured on my wishlist are these adorable and chic leather oxfords from Forever21. Everytime I wear an outfit with an earthly palette of greens, browns, camels, and the like, I don’t exactly like to complete the outfit with black shoes; rather, I feel it would look much better with brown, beige, or nude shoes. I’ve always wanted to try sporting a pair of oxfords, and these are not only super chic and cute, but very affordable ($23!). Hopefully I can snag them soon.
That’s all I have for this week’s wishlist! Let’s see if I can get some of them super soon so I can not only enjoy them myself but let you all know how they turned out. Share with us what’s on your wishlist!
I hope you are keeping warm if it’s cold where you are, and if not, enjoy the sunshine! I’m officially snowed in – it’s taking people over 3 hours to get home when it should only take less than 40 – it’s ridiculous! Let’s all do the snow dance and hope classes will be canceled tomorrow.

PS: Don’t forget to send in any questions and suggestions you may have regarding fashion, style, beauty, make-up, hair, and food! I’ll be featuring your questions during my “Saturday Secrets” posts. Submit them on my formspring here ♥

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