Friday Favorites: Spring 2011 Couture Pt II

Elie Saab
 I’ve always been a huge admirer of Elie Saab’s master creations – the dresses are just breathtaking and ones I would truly love to have in my wardrobe to show off to everyone. For this Couture collection, he presented us with beautiful, feminine gowns shimmering in long tulle and organza, piled on with flowers leaving you to desire more. Coupled with exceptionally sweet and delicate hair and makeup, the essence took Saab’s collection into an atmosphere that was quite new for him. Just looking at the bride, with her gown dripping with organza flowers and tatters of mousseline – this role could truly win a woman a lot.
Jean Paul Gaultier
Something absolutely magical happened on Jean Paul Gaultier’s punk couture catwalk this year. Whatever it was going through his mindset when creating this collection, it greatly worked. As far as the punk theme, there were elaborate, unique takes on the Mohawk hairdo (tulle cascaded from the bride’s at the finale), interesting dog collars, and cool cropped bomber jackets. One was even crusted with metal pearls, and another, gracing an outfit titled “Vicious”, was embellished with chains and studs, but draped over a black crepe sheath with a frill of tulle.

Gaultier has always been a brilliant tailor, and here he applied his genius abilities to a pinstripe jumpsuit and matching jacket; a white suit with a corseted torso and ruching rounding out the hips; a gown that used almost straitjacketlike straps to make it sensual and tense; and a tuxlike pantsuit in an organza. I mean, just look at that final piece – it’s out of this world (good or bad?!) 

I feel that everyone who enjoys fashion (or art in general) should take a look at Couture artwork every once in a while, since the spectrum is so large and allows designers to think way outside their imagination, bringing creations that we never thought would exist. I love the ability of creating something that is so unique and so far stretched that it literally is catered to your dreams, your mindset, your emotions, your all. 
What were your favorite collections and why? Are there any you felt were just way too out there for your liking? Share in the comments!
Have a great rest of your weekend!

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