New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Favorites

Hello! Sorry I haven’t been updating the past few days – I really wanted to do a few Valentine’s Day posts but haven’t gotten around to doing so since fashion week has started as well as my new job. This means on top of school and my internship for Blueprint for Style, I’ll have more to fill you all in on for fashion week! If you’re not keeping up to date for any reason, don’t worry! I’ll be posting all of my favorite collections here (go to for more not listed here!) I’m going to be updating as soon as I finish reviewing a collection – so nothing too formal and structured for my blog until fashion week is over! Stay tuned and happy fashion week!

So far, the trends I have noticed include fur, sequins, a lot of neutral and earthy tones, and layering.

Christian Siriano
Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has always caught my attention, from the first time I saw him on the show – he was always my favorite! Working incredibly hard to reach a level of designers that overlook him, his tactic was to introduce a sense of glamour like he never has before.

The show had a dark mood to it, but in a ‘fiercely’ edgy way, starting off with tailored jackets pieced in various textures of black over sheer skirts. On Project Runway, I remember the judges always criticizing the designers if they used all (or mostly) black in their collections, but for Siriano, it worked. Throughout the collection, we saw dark elegance and edge with ladylike suits and coats, sequins, petals, draping, and a chic long tulip skirt with a lean black turtleneck. As for evening-wear, I always felt this was his strong point – a massive petal-pink ball skirt paired with a simple gray silk tee, a strapless, flowy, green dress with an embellished bust. Although a few models tripped and had difficulty walking in the sky-high shoes (one even fell on her side), Siriano is definitely stepping the right direction. 

Stay tuned for more (they will be on-going as soon as I finish a review!)

And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below! ❤

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