How-to: Effortlessly Chic

Effortlessly Chic

Effortlessly Chic by abcDanah featuring betsey johnson jewelry

Pssst! I’m back (: Will be posting a number of posts I’ve written in the past month or so that I have been gone. Bare with me while I get those up (so I won’t spam you all at once heh), and afterward I will be back up and running for good – hooray!

Looking like you’ve spent hours with a personal stylist when truthfully your final look just took a couple of minutes to assemble is one of the many amazing perks of fashion.  This is the secret behind chic, effortless dressing – a concept I adopted after realizing how demanding my social calendar, personal life, work and family are.  With events popping up spontaneously, I needed to make some major adjustments to my prep time before heading out to start my day!  After going through trial and error discovering my own personal style, I am now able to choose perfect pieces that offer instant style, in just that …. an instant! When I’m not in a hurry and actually have time to pick out my outfit very carefully, I tend to go for bold colors, like solid jewel tones, or loud patterns, such as plaid and floral.  However, because I am on the go and sometimes unsure of where my day will take me, I prefer sticking with neutrals and pastels, as I can easily enhance them by accessorizing for an easy pick me up and to transfer the look from day to night.

There’s no such thing as having too many basic mini-dresses, which is is why I chose this tight fit one by MBYM featuring a round neckline with a hemline just above the knee.  In a warm pink shade, it’s a modern pop of color that can be paired with just about any cardigan, blazer, or jacket.  Layering is essential, practical, and fashionable for any time of day and season.  Instead of pairing it with a solid layer, I decided to go with a stripe silk cardigan.  A true wardrobe essential for the spring, this statement neutral and black stripe cardi with a beautiful draping effect looks perfect over the warm coral mini-dress.  Since it’s still a bit cool out (sadly!), I also added a pair of brocade sweater tights by Anna Sui to keep me warm and still looking stylish!

As far as shoes go, an all time favorite of mine which debuted once again last fall was the oxford style.  Normally, I would pair an outfit like this with heeled ankle booties; however, since I’m on the go, I need something more practical while still looking chic.  At Loeffler Randall, they have set out to create the perfect lifestyle assortment for the chic, modern girl – a shoe that possesses an understated elegance, is well cut, and undeniably feminine.  The rubber material is perfect for the warm, rainy, spring weather which is slowly (and fortunately!) sneaking up on us.  Pounding the pavement in a polished new way, once chic step at a time!

Now let’s say I received a last-minute phone call telling me I was invited to a cocktail after work at a new trendy hot spot.  With no time to run home and change, I don’t need to worry!  I reach into my drawer for my jewelry stash where I find the perfect accessories to go with my outfit: layered chain necklaces, a large, bold, geometric bangle, leather and chain charm bracelets, jeweled hoop earrings, and a striking ring.  Furthermore, I switch my wool western style hat with delightful bow hair clips to give my style more charm; and toss a black jersey lace scarf in my Diesel crossbody bag to add more feminine touches with a bit of edge. Lastly, for daytime, I include a pair of House of Harlow 1960 Marie sunglasses in black.  These shades are classic, yet modern, with the square shape and smooth, forward-thinking finish.

For a quick beauty-do, I go for the basics – for daytime, it’s all about pretty French pink nails, strawberry rose blush, and fresh pink lipstick; and for night, add a jet black bold gel eyeliner with volume mascara.  I wouldn’t be caught anywhere without my planner, and this one by kate spade is known for its charming clean lines, classic aesthetic details, and storage pouch for business cards, essential notes, and the like!

This outfit and style shouts fun, feminine, effortlessly chic, and ready for just about anything that may come my way.  Try to experiment with your own effortlessly chic routine until you find something that’s quick, easy, and catered to your own personal style!

What is your “go-to” outfit when you’re on the run? 
Share your thoughts and any questions or ideas below!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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