How-to: Jeggings for Your Body Shape

You’ve seen them, you’ve judged them, and you’ve definitely considered purchasing them – but the real question is, how do you actually wear jeggings? Although they may seem intimidating, awkwardly stylish, or too ‘80s for your liking, stars like Jessica Alba and Beyonce are flaunting them on the streets and denim designers such as Diesel and Seven for All Mankind are offering up multiple variations of the style.  The most important factor to take into consideration with this trend is to choose a type that works best for your body shape, or you’re bound to end up on the ‘what not to wear’ list – eek! By keeping the following tips in mind, you’ll be able to pull off this trend effortlessly, and enhance your figure enormously!

Basic Tips
  • Know your body type before wearing jeggings
  • Fashion should not be followed blindly if you are not comfortable in it
  • Make sure to experiment before making a purchase to see the fit by bending, sitting, and standing, and choosing the one that is most comfortable for you at any moment
  • Jeggings are not just an alternative to leggings – you can pair them up with long tops, stylish tees, modern jackets/blazers, and various other styles
Body Type

  • Linear Shape – You’re considered long, slender, and have few, if any, curves. Try pairing gray jeggings with a long tunic, and/or layering on a jacket to create the illusion of curves, and finish it off with a lively pair of ballet flats or neutral pumps – this is sure to draw attention to your long legs and height!
  • Apple Shape – Apple shapes carry more weight on the top half than their bottom half. This means that when worn properly, jeggings can enhance your assets- your legs – while concealing your upper body. Try a flowy tunic in a dark, neutral color, which will lightly slim the body down, paired with cropped jeggings and peep-toe booties to elongate your leg-line.
  • Pear Shape – Pears carry their weight below the waist and generally tend to be curvy in this area. High-waisted jeggings would be best for this body shape to ensure a perfect fit and keep you covered without creating an unflattering top.  Try a printed tunic which will draw attention upward and your favorite pair of heels to elongate your leg-line.
  • Hourglass Shape – If you have curves both above and below the waist, you are classified as an hourglass.  Make sure to choose jeggings that enhance these curves even more – darker washes minimize your hips and thighs – pair these with a vibrant tunic and belt it to accentuate your waist!
  • To create a long and lean look, choose something that stops either above or below your widest point and you’ll look super chic.
Wearing them like actual pants – DO’s and DONT’s
  • If you’re rocking the style sans pockets, avoid pairing them with any top that doesn’t hit your hipbone
  • If the jeggings have pockets and/or are high-waisted, you’re in the clear! Pockets add structure, so if you pair your bottoms with a top that hits your hip, it won’t look as though you are simply wearing tights. Tuck in your favorite white button-up into your high-waist jeggings for a classic, clean look.
  • Jeggings are created differently than regular jeans – they have a slimmer fit and may have you end up in a risque-zone if you’re not careful! To avoid this, you need to add more structure and definition – do this with your bold shoes, accessories, and tops!
Short vs Long
  • Avoid wearing shorter pairs with heels, as they will leave an awkward gap of skin at your ankles that when accentuated by the added height, will draw even more (negative) attention.
  • Do pair short jeggings with flats, such as ballet style, oxfords, or for cooler weather, tuck the jeggings into your favorite pair of boots.
  • When sporting a longer pair of jeggings, keep in mind that the look is more like jeans so it’s easier to pull off with shorter tops.
  • Wear longer pairs with sandals or heels for a glamorous, more modern look.
  • For a more flattering look, stick with a dark wash in a thicker fabric for a smooth, sexy silhouette.
  • If you are very comfortable with your legs and want to show them off like no other, pick up a pair of light wash jeggings and pair them with your favorite heels.  Similar to styling dark wash jeggings, pick a flowy top in a darker color to make your jeggings & legs stand out even more.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and washes such as floral, acid wash, and light pinstripe.

dark wash jeggings

dark wash jeggings by abcDanah featuring a red cardigan

lightwash jeggings

lightwash jeggings by abcDanah featuring wedge heel sandals

Now that we know jeggings are a definite trend to experiment with and have some key know-how information, go forth and conquer comfortably!
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  1. i really want that grey and yellow top! gorgeous everything donna, once again 🙂


  2. great outfits!!love the green top!


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