Princess for a Day: Accessorize Yourself for the Royal Wedding!

The long-awaited Royal Wedding is less than 24 hours away – are you prepared?! I’m saying this as if we are all attending the ceremony ourselves, but it truly is a beautiful and special event that is happening very soon (less than 24 hrs folks)! For those of you excited for the royal festivities, it’s time to start planning your day, or night, or early morning wherever you are in the world!

The ceremony takes place in the UK at 11am BST, but of course TV coverage will begin much earlier with Kate Middleton’s procession, a close-up on the guests arriving, and gossip, speculation and general input about the wedding dress, the shoes, the ring and other royal treats! For those of you on the east coast of the U.S. (like myself!), the ceremony begins at 6am (oh my goodness!), while for those on the west coast, it starts at 3am. TV coverage will begin much earlier, and once it is over, there will be endless hours, days, and weeks of re-runs and discussion about the event!

Although I’m not in the UK where I’m sure everyone will be celebrating on pretty much every corner, I do work at a UK-based accessory store – Accessorize! We’ve been just as excited and prepared as if we were in the middle of all the festivities. Of course, our store has always carried items with Union Jack symbols and been British-filled, but the past week has all been dedicated to the Royal Wedding! Take a look below to view our royal items – from accessories to party decor and baking tools – and if you happen to be in an area where an Accessorize is located (in the U.S it’s Virginia, D.C., New York, or New Jersey), stop by and pick up your royal treatment today to treat yourself like a princess and accessorize your Royal Wedding party!

***Tomorrow at Accessorize – Tyson’s Corner Center in Virginia, we will be hosting a tea party in honor of the Royal Wedding. Stop by for some delicious tea and royal treats & accessories, for a tasteful tidbit of the celebration! 

What will you be wearing to celebrate the Royal Wedding? 
Are you attending a party in honor of the ceremony?
Share your excitement and general thoughts in the comments!
info via nowpublic
images via Accessorize

One response to “Princess for a Day: Accessorize Yourself for the Royal Wedding!”

  1. I love this post. I was up so early to watch the wedding live. To be honest, I am still celebrating this royal event even though it occurred quite some time ago. I am not close to Accessorize – Tyson's Corner Center but I wish I could have been there.


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