Saturday Secrets: White-Button Down Revamped!

This week’s edition of Saturday Secrets was thought of upon looking around my closet and noticing I had almost nothing to wear with the one white button-down I have. This is obviously unacceptable since everyone should own a few pairs of white button-downs in various styles and fits to be able to wear them a number of ways for different occasions!

This piece is one of the most classic and versatile items of clothing that every fashionista should own. It is a go-to item which can instantly be styled in ways that you may have never tried or even thought of – from dress pants to jeans or shorts to any kind of skirt or dress. Although there are several options to go about styling this piece, many people tend to get stuck in the rut of wearing it in a conventional way, such as tucked into a simple pencil skirt. While this is a chic choice, it’s time for a change – this spring and summer and here on out, challenge yourself to take your trusty white button-down and wear it in modern, fashionable ways. Below are some inspirational looks to get you started for casual days, evening wear, and office attire.

White Button-down: Casual Cool

White Button-down: Casual Cool by abcDanah 

For those days when you’re doing a lot of walking and need a quick and casual, yet chic outfit, these three looks above are definite go-to’s. The first one is very relaxed, featuring a simple button-down shirtdress: shirtdresses are not only very trendy right now but extremely comfortable and give you an instant-chic look. The braided belt cinches your waist and adds a boho-chic, flirty vibe. Paired with a bright coral crossbody bag, you can carry your essentials without the bulk of a tote or messenger bag. Lastly, kicking it off with a pair of colorblock wedges completes the look perfectly. For me, wedges are much more comfortable to walk in than pumps and other heels if I’d like to add height but minimize discomfort and tiresomeness.

For a daytime summer look, pair a cute, ruffled, short-sleeve button down with high-waisted shorts. Let the shorts be loose rather than fitted to maximize the ease of your look while still looking super chic. Pair the outfit with a bright and pretty ballet flat and cap it off with a straw fedora. For a night out, pair the shirt with black leather or suede shorts, embellished flats and bold accessories.

When grabbing lunch with your colleagues or any professionals, you want to look polished and stylish but not appear like you are trying too hard or even worse, going overboard. Opt for a pair of elastic waist, slim fit trousers – this piece gives you a casual-cool look, appropriate enough for work and play. A bright-hued pair of flats livens the outfit even more and the drape cardigan gives you extra movement and complements the comfort of the trouser.

White Button-down: Office Chic

White Button-down: Office Chic by abcDanah 

Nothing screams ‘boring’ like pairing a simple white button-down with black pants. To spice up those 9-to-5 outfits, try tucking a white blouse into a high-waisted fitted skirt (black is optional!), and complete the outfit with a fitted or draped cardigan and skinny belt fastened over the sweater. To keep the look even more current, accentuate your waist with a wide belt (when not wearing with a cardigan), roll the cuffs of the shirt, and keep the skirt length slightly above the knee. Don’t forget to accessorize: adding that buckle belt in a bold color as mentioned gives you a confident look already, and the addition of classic jewelry such as a menswear watch, stone stud earrings and stacked rings livens your office-chic ensemble. The polished peep-toe pumps with a striking, thick metal heel gives you an edge and a new take on what’s normally seen in the office. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the work attire you already have, to really revive it!

White button-down: Effortless Evening

White button-down: Effortless Evening by abcDanah

Designers have been revamping their evening looks to an entirely different and higher level and I couldn’t be more excited! Don’t let the word ‘evening’ fool you into sticking with neutral and dark colors! With the proper combination, a white button-down can make a fabulous impression on a night out – think bright, bold colors and color-blocking. Two options are featured above – one with a skirt and one with a seventies-inspired wide-leg trouser (huge hit right now!) The first features a single breasted blouse tucked into a bright orange mid-thigh skirt paired with blue and orange color-block platform pumps. You probably wouldn’t think of pairing orange and blue, right?! Look how well the colors go together! Maximum impact – done.

For a pants option, try sporting the popular seventies trend of wide-leg trousers in a bright orange hue, paired with yellow heels and accessories. Finish off both looks with matching jewelry – this is definitely a time to not be afraid (well, you never should be, anyway, so long as it looks good!) to pile on your jewelry to literally match your outfit. The spring colors are crisp and bright, which makes it more than OK to create an outfit that looks like, well, almost a painting (seriously these types of outfits make me appreciate art even more… and have me craving a smoothie or something)

Spring has already sprung, so ladies, create a fresh start by grabbing one of your favorite white button-down shirts and styling it in one (or all!) of these chic ways! 

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