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Three Ways to Wear #1: Denim

As I’ve been updating my blog and tweaking the site a bit to allow easier navigation and better presentation, I’ve also come across some great ideas for posts (at least, I hope they are!) I feel I perform more efficient when I have a structured schedule; and I’ve finally designed one that will enable me to run my blog smoothly on a daily basis to ensure you are all benefiting from it and enjoying every bit (:

For today, and every Thursday here on out, I will be doing a “Three Ways to Wear…” post. This will consist of a particular item of clothing or accessory, shoes, fabrics, and anything to do with fashion – chosen by myself or you  – and how you can style/wear it three different ways. I feel this is a great method of showcasing not only my styling but will also help in guiding certain trends and looks catered to a spectrum of styles out there. Please do send any and all topics over at my formspring that you are interested in learning more about – whether it’s a type of shoe, accessory, specific fabric (today is denim for example), article of clothing, and anything else you have in mind. Let’s take a flashback to the 70s and 90s today with DENIM!

Thanks to spring’s hub on seventies and nineties fashion, many of the looks from then are now back in motion. Denim has definitely made a huge comeback this year – and I’m not talking about your go-to denim jeans – and was showcased in various ways on the runway. The trend isn’t only seen in your jeans, shorts, and skirts – nowadays, we’re seeing denim dresses, vests, and jumpers/rompers. Many are hesitant to try the fabric in a new fashion since it can end up looking, well, old-fashioned (Saved By the Bell, anyone?! Let’s not go there.) To avoid this, keep these easy tips in mind and definitely take the looks I’ve created below as inspiration for the next time you shop for a new piece of denim!

Hot Tips
  • Spruce up a simple denim dress by adding a braided, buckled, or wide belt. The quick accessory gives your look an instant boho-chic vibe. Top it off with embellished sandals or platforms and don’t be afraid to accessorize!
  • Sometimes mixing two time periods in fashion (70s and 90s in this case) can be tricky, but since the two have made a comeback, flared bottoms and denim have been seen everywhere. Tuck your favorite blouse into a pair of wide-leg bottoms, add a simple belt, and get ready to flatter your shape in no time!
  • If you’re feeling super confident and loving denim more than ever, look for a romper or jumper. The piece is not only edgy and sexy, but very comfortable, too. This is also one of the only times (I feel) you can get away with wearing a head-to-toe denim look. Otherwise you’ll just look like a 90s soccer mom – who wants that? Not me…
  • Ensure that whichever piece of denim you purchase actually fits. The fabric is tricky and when poorly fitted can leave you with a very unflattering look.
  • Denim vests look great over dresses and even paired with skirts or jeans/pants:
    • Keep an eye out for a fitted and cropped shape as the most flattering ones hit right below your natural waistline. I’m not particularly fond of long baggy pieces as they present an unflattering 90s flashback.
    • Look for a variety of washes from dark, medium, to light, and even white (as seen below). Dark is perfect for night and can be perfectly paired with leggings or leather pants or on top of bodycon dresses for a super edgy look. Lighter washes as well as white give you a flirty and feminine vibe when paired with floral dresses, striped skirts, or loose shorts.
  • Since denim is a strong fabric, keep your accessories simple. They don’t have to be minimal – loading up on bracelets is a huge hit this spring and summer – but make sure the pieces aren’t bulky or your main denim piece will get lost in the background, making your complete outfit a bit messy.

Denim dresses are a great alternative to the typical chiffon, cotton, and other lightweight fabrics we wear in the spring and summer. Since denim can be quite minimilastic in dress form, follow these hot tips:

  • Add a pop of color with a bright colored cardigan, scarf, or blazer. You’ll keep warm on a breezy night and be able to transport from work to play while staying polished. 
  • Include a statement piece of jewelry to add a bit of spice to plain denim.
  • Wear embellished shoes – ballet flats, gladiator sandals, or heels – so long as they’re decorative! Think beads and jewels; even bows are especially cute and popular this season!  
  • Accessorize it even more with a belt! Like supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio does above (although, her belt is attached), adding a braided belt looks boho-chic and accentuates your waist to flatter your figure even more!
Ways to Wear Denim #2: Vests

Ways to Wear Denim #2: Vests by abcDanah 

You may reminisce 80s metal and 90s grunge when thinking of a denim vest, but the updated modern look can be styled in sweet and sassy ways. Nowadays, the vest doesn’t only come in hues of light blue denim and loose fits – look for alternatives from light pink or white and cropped for a feminine and sweet look to singled breasted and fitted dark blues for an edgier take.

Ways to Wear Denim #3: Jumpsuits & Rompers

Ways to Wear Denim #3: Jumpsuits & Rompers by abcDanah 

I’ve never loved rompers and jumpsuits as much as I do now. They are so comfortable, can easily be casual or dressy, and can definitely take you from work to play in an instant. Denim ones use to be outdated, but the fit and look of them now is better than ever. For a long and tight-fit option, you want to keep your accessories minimal since the piece is already strong and sexy. Feel free to go with bold shoes with buckles and other hard embellishments. For a sweet and short romper, you can get away with adding bundles of necklaces and bracelets. Keep your shoes in a neutral hue, especially when wearing a light-wash denim. Definitely do experiment with cuts to ensure you’re flattering your body type!

So ladies, what do you think? Will you be wearing denim
in more ways than one this spring and summer? What 
is your favorite way to wear it? Share in the comment fields!
And don’t forget to spring your questions and suggestions to me for ‘Saturday Secrets’ and ‘Three Ways to Wear…’ (and anything else, really!) over at my formspring – whether it’s a type of shoe, accessory, specific fabric (today is denim for example), article of clothing, and anything else you have in mind!

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