Saturday Secrets: Building Colorblocks Into Your Wardrobe!

I’ve already discussed the color blocking trend of this spring and summer, but I simply can’t get enough of it! Taking inspiration from Rubik’s Cube and children’s playgrounds this season, with high strokes of Barbie brights and rich jewel tones, creating bold color blocking on skirts, dresses, tunics, and even shoes. I’m obsessed with the look as it brings me back to my childhood in the 90s, where everything was carefree, I dressed like Lizzie McGuire and wanted Zenon’s bright, futuristic, mismatched wardrobe (I still do – who am I kidding)

Nowadays, combining a number of colors into a single outfit is not considered a fashion faux pas. In fact, you’ll be in the heading in an accurately stylish direction if you create your look with bold blocks of color. Of course, do keep the end result looking chic and not like you stepped out of a circus. For instance, if you’re going to color block your top and skirt, complete the look with a solid colored pair of shoes instead of going with colorblock ones. Vice a versa, if you choose to kick off your day with colorblock shoes, wear a solid hued outfit (doesn’t have to be neutral color – just not a wild print, or the outfit and trend you’re aiming for will simple become lost)

As soon as a trend hits the runways for any season, most of us wedge our way to shopping malls to find our favorite looks. However, high-end designer stores are oftentimes the ones that receive the latest trends before other stores do. This can be difficult at times since not everyone has $150+ to drop on a Diane von Furstenberg piece at any given time (it would be nice though, obviously). Of course, it’s also great to treat yourself a little and splurge when you feel you deserve it (come on… you deserve it!)

This brings me to save, spend, splurge Saturdays! I’ve searched and searched for a number of my favorite colorblock dresses, since I feel it’s the best article of clothing you can color-block and have fun with! Also, I’ve compiled a list that includes shoes and accessories to add splashes of color into a neutral-hued ensemble; all for whether you want to save your money, spend it a little, or splurge all out on yourself. The pieces below are individually color blocked, rather than you creating your own (i.e. taking an orange top and pairing it with a pink skirt). These are instant ways to sport the trend if you’re lazying a bit of creativity on a day. Otherwise, experiment with your wardrobe until you find colors and pieces that work together to create an artistic and effortless look!

Take a look at the options below and share your favorite(s)! Do you own any of these or have any color block pieces of your own? Share in the comments below!


Colorblock Dresses: Save!

Colorblock Dresses: SPEND!

Colorblock Dresses: SPEND! by abcDanah 

Colorblock Dresses: Splurge!

Everything Else

Colorblock Shoes & Accessories: Save!

Colorblock Shoes & Accessories: Save! by abcDanah

Colorblock Shoes & Accessories: Spend!

Colorblock Shoes & Accessories: Spend! by abcDanah

Colorblock Shoes & Accessories: Splurge!

Colorblock Shoes & Accessories: Splurge! by abcDanah 

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