Sunday Spotlight: National [Betsey] Pink Day!

This Thursday, June 23rd is Betsey Johnson‘s National Pink Day! Every year on this day, the Betsey ladies (& gents!) celebrate by wearing, eating, drinking, and honoring the color PINK! Featuring Betsey’s limited edition pink merchandise – a lovely metallic silver tote with a heart made out of pink roses and a top to match (pictured below) – and a “National Pink Day” party for our amazing customers!

If you are in the DMV area, join us at Tyson’s Galleria where we will be serving up pink champagne and yummy pink treats along with the following:

* Limited edition tees and totes (pictured on Betsey above!)

* Between 7 and 8 pm we will be raffling off fun Betsey prizes every 20 minutes. No purchase necessary, but one raffle ticket will go to each person who shows up between those times wearing something, anything pink (even if it’s your hair!)

* Once we have enough of a flashy pink mob, we will take some fun, quirky photos to send to Betsey to determine which store has the most spirited guests at their party wearing pink.

The PRIZE: We are all competing to win a personal appearance by the pink lady herself – Betsey – to our store!! That’s right – to Tyson’s! If you missed her last time she was here, this could be your chance ladies & gents!

Go ALL OUT! Hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, accessories, props, ANYTHING PINK!

Please Tweet this, post it on your Facebook page, invite your friends, post it on a zeppelin! We want to see the most pink we’ve ever seen in our lives – spread the word!

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