Sunday Spotlight: DIY Shoes!

I absolutely love anything and everything DIY, especially when it’s recreating something high-end that might be a too much for some of us to drop $$$ on. I recently came across two incredible DIY tutorials for shoes that are actually very easy to do at home: one is for a pair of out of this world ‘cosmic’ flats by Nancy of gothreformschool and the other is a neon painted heel a la Pierre Hardy, redone by fashion blogger Ashley4Emergy.

You don’t have to be an astrophysicist to create these fun shoes like Nancy at Goth Reform school did. I’m obsessed with anything that has to do with outer space, so this pretty much blew my mind away when I stumbled upon it! With some acrylic paint, an old pair of canvas shoes, tape, and some creative brush-wielding techniques, you can turn some boring ol’ slip-ons into real works of stargazing art. The possibilities are endless with colors, brushstrokes, and forms – just imagine how chic they’d be on a pair of your old canvas wedges or high-tops, or even a mini cross-body – let your imagination run wild!

Follow this link for a step-by-step tutorial (with pictures!) on how to create these cosmic shoes!  
Neons are super fun for the bright summer months, and when paired with neutrals, you have yourself an ultra lively look. This trend led Ashley to an easy DIY project that illuminated her neutral heels in an instant. With some neon fabric paint, a few swipes later, she had herself an entirely new summer statement shoe. I immediately thought of Pierre Hardy’s color-block neon wedges. 
 Click over to Ashley4Emergy to see how she designed a pair (for less!) herself!
I’m definitely heading to my nearest arts & crafts store to create these looks for less.
Do you have any interesting DIY tutorials that you’re proud of?
Share below!

3 responses to “Sunday Spotlight: DIY Shoes!”

  1. oh wow, i love this neon heels!! must try!! 🙂



  2. Hi Danah! This is super belated but thank you so much for featuring my neon heels in this post!


  3. Of course!! They look SO awesome and how easy was it?! Thanks for sharing with everyone ❤


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