Saturday Secrets: Crisp White Jeans!

Whoever said you can only wear white after Memorial Day and before Labor Day is clearly still living by outdated fashion rules. The only reason why I would choose to not wear white outside of summer months is out of fear of getting them dirty, since I’m running around all day, everyday. Other than that – where the white out!  White clothing brings out this natural radiance that’s refreshing from the grungy looks people tend to lean towards (if/when choosing between the two), as well as the more muted and darker pigments we wore earlier this year.

White jeans in particular are an excellent summer staple (featured on my top 15 summer essentials) and designers have stonewashed, bleached, distressed, cropped – you name it – the piece! There really is nothing quite like a pristine and crisp pair, and they’re absolutely perfect to wear to a summer BBQ out on the deck or a graduation party – both events which come around a lot in the summer months!

The great aspect about white denim is their versatility – you can wear them to the office with printed blouses or a structured blazer, satin jeweled tops to the beach, or loose tees when out shopping. For a nautical look which is especially fun and trendy this season, you can team the piece with a red top or navy and white striped jacket for an ultra-chic sailor look. To finish off the sleekness, wear pumps, wedges, sandals, or simple flats – the possibilities are really endless!

The ideal base for vibrant tops, jackets, shoes, and accessories, and similar to a pair of blue jeans, white denim can be quite the challenge when finding the perfect pair. When deciding on a pair, try to find one that has stretch in it, since this quality will make your legs look leaner and longer! Also, I would personally avoid busy detailing such as embroidery, contrast stitching (unless they are jeggings, like the ones mentioned below) or visible pocket flaps. The beauty of the garment lies in its effortlessness and fresh hue.

Although I’ve recently snagged a pair of Diesels Bizou Jeggings, I’m still on the hunt for a crisp white pair that’s long and slim-fit (mine are cropped jeggings) After some research, I’ve found my favorite pair to save money on, spend some, and treat yourself to a splurge. When it comes to a pair of jeans I wouldn’t mind dropping instant cash on, I’d say around no more than $50 is what I’d be looking at; splurging will take me up to around $120. So of course, plus or minus a few, these options should suit you!

Save: Asos White Skinnies $32.75
Moto Jessie Flared Jeans $50
Spend: Blue Essence ‘Eliot” Skinny Jeans $88
7 for all mankind The Skinny low-rise $72
Splurge: Diesel Bizou Jeggings (I have this pair!) $112
Citizens of Humanity ‘Ava’ Straight Leg Stretch Jean $154
I hope you find these options helpful to get you started on white denim shopping if you haven’t already! Definitely experiment with fits, cuts, washes, and lengths – don’t limit yourself to just one, too! I’m still on the look out for a great pair of bootcut/slim *crisp* white jeans.
Happy Saturday!
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2 responses to “Saturday Secrets: Crisp White Jeans!”

  1. I love my white jeans. They can worn with pretty much with anything.


  2. Yes!! That's what I love about them – they're such a clean piece and you can literally wear them with anything!


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