seafoam and cross-bodies

Sea-foam green blouse, denim shorts, lace leggings – unknown wholesale site;
Betsey Johnson lace-up socks and metal bangle;
Zipper flats from Nordstrom;

I wore this spring-summer outfit Friday night to a friend’s birthday party/BBQ and was so glad I wore the lacey leggings underneath the shorts. I purchased the high-waisted denim shorts, white lace leggings, and sea-foam green chiffon blouse from a wholesale site online – I don’t remember the exact name at the moment. I was hesitant at the time considering the sizes weren’t American and I was afraid nothing would fit – but thankfully, everything looked perfect! I’m in love with the sea-foam blouse (and I like saying sea-foam) – it’s so comfortable, lightweight, and the color is lovely. You can’t see in the picture, but it has two pleated pockets on the chest and silver metal buttons down the middle – so cute!

It’s very rare for me to put my hair up, and when I do, it’s because I’m having a bad hair day, it’s too humid out, or I just want to ‘dare’ myself to do something different. Last night, it was pretty much because of all of those reasons – hah! My attempt at a high bun failed, so I turned it into a braided bun which also looked odd, and as I was letting that down, it turned into this braid ponytail and I thought… this works! I felt like a 10 year old schoolgirl creating the hairstyle at first, but the result ended up looking pretty chic since it was super slicked back and had tons of volume. It’s so easy and great for the sticky weather; I think I might do more up-do’s now!

Today’s save, spend, splurge is all about the cross-body bag. I came across the thought the other night actually, when I had to dig through my bag just to find a bobby-pin for my hair. I’ve been telling myself to go out and look for that perfect cross-body, but I still haven’t stumbled upon the one. So I’ve done some more hunting, found loads of options, and wanted to share the best steals and splurges. If you have a favorite cross-body, please share! I love seeing how many different styles there are and when and how people use them. It’s more like an added accessory for me rather than a purse that holds all my belongings – that’s why I need it to be perfect!

Cross-body Bag: Save!

Cross-body Bag: Save! by abcDanah 

Cross-body Bags: Spend!

Cross-body Bags: Spend! by abcDanah 

Cross-Body Bags: Splurge!

Going on these little hunts is so great because I love finding items that resemble high-end designer pieces, yet have one or two dollar signs instead of ten. It’s the best! Of course, I still want that perfectly-shaped kate spade bag – it’s just too perfect.

So for the next week, I’ll be on the lookout for my cross-body as well as a cosmetic bag… that’s something else I’ve been needing since mine, sadly, ripped. I have my eye on this particular one at Betsey… maybe I’ll snag it soon! We shall see.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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