Think Neon!

I’ve gotten quite a lot done today, but sadly not this post as early as I initially intended; nonetheless, it’s been a pretty productive day thus far. I had a nice coffee meet-up at Northside Social Coffee & Wine with my good friend Meghane, who is honestly the sweetest person in the universe! I love catching up with her especially when we go shopping; I suppose you can say (I mean, she does, so you can, too) I’m her personal shopper and stylist. It’s so much more exciting and rewarding shopping for someone else instead of yourself – I definitely feel it’s the greatest way to test and expand your personal styling skills and fashion knowledge, especially if one’s personal style is different than your own and/or is one you are not use to engaging in. Your client is so happy in the end (hopefully) and learns so much from you, while you’re learning along the way as well. Maybe I’ll do a little interview with her sometime and record one of our shopping days to feature here – what do you think?

I’ve been wanting to do a post on how to wear neon for so long now, and I think it’s just about the right time, especially considering how beautiful and bright it is outside – makes me in such a cheerful mood! For me, neon brings back vivid memories of my ’90s childhood of days spent playing Skip-It wearing color-block (I know, right? Color blocking since the age of 2) outfits in lime green and neon yellow, hair styling with hot pink scrunchies and turquoise butterfly clips, and kicking everyone’s butt at video games (better than I am now) wearing brightly-hued slap bracelets – but this time around, fluorescents have transformed and taken a new, more stylish, route.

Christopher Kane and Burberry’s Spring runway shows were filled with brights, and celebrities were instantly seen sporting the trend immediately after. For those of you who want to go travel back in time, follow my easy tips on making neon look chic and stylish instead of ending up making you look like a glowstick (I mean, I love glowsticks but not being one.) Whether it’s a dress, skinny belt, shoes, or a statement piece of jewelry, you’re in to freshen and liven up your summer wardrobe and anchor your bold pieces with the essential neutrals (like camels, whites, or blacks) that you already have. Ready? 

The trick and *key* to rocking neon items is to balance them out with neutral, basic pieces instead of piling on every bright piece in one look. This is honestly one of the easiest ways to instantly spruce up any outfit considering you really only need to choose one item as your neon piece. One of the most difficult parts of dressing the trend is knowing how to accessorize it accordingly; just think and remember: less is more in this case. Since neon is already a statement in itself, there’s no need to include extravagant jewelry, handbags, or shoes to compete with the already flashy color. A good choice are those classic gold bangles and watches you have paired with small earrings and delicate rings. Another alternative is to wear a neutral-based outfit and adding pops of neon with a scarf, tights, clutch, or shoes – think accents! They key is balance, as it is in any look, really.

Let’s get down to styling some neontastic looks!
Neon: Belt

Neon: Belt by abcDanah featuring bangle bracelets

A neon belt is the easiest and subtlest way to infuse some pop of color into an otherwise neutral-based look. This ensemble features a simple-pleat miniskirt with a pretty lace semi-crop top, finished off with a drape cardigan. The added bright red belt puts the neon in the nude in a flash!
Neon: Dress

Neon: Dress by abcDanah featuring a patent leather tote

To take your neon to the next level, try a brightly hued dress, like this sunny bustier piece. A color this vivid calls for minimal accessories – but you can definitely incorporate even more ‘oomph’ by choosing another hue to color-block it with; I chose turquoise/blue – I love the two together!

Neon: Shoes

Neon: Shoes by abcDanah featuring a grecian dress

Take that little black dress on a whole new route by kicking it off with an amazing pair of brightly-pigmented shoes! The possibilities are endless and you really don’t need anything else to complete your look – how easy is that?!

Neon: Peek-a-Boo!

Neon: Peek-a-Boo! by abcDanah featuring sleeveless tops

Play peek-a-boo with your look by showing off a neon top underneath a chic blazer. Stick to a dark denim/pant to make the look even more polished and sophisticated, and keep your accessories minimal.
Neon: Accessorize!

Neon: Accessorize! by abcDanah featuring reversible jewelry

If you’re in the mood to cheerfully accessorize your look with accessories instead of clothing, go right at it! From nail polish and hair accessories to bags and jewelry… the choices are infinite. 

I hope this guide was helpful in choosing your neon pieces for the summer, 
and styling them with the basics you already have in your wardrobe. 
If you have any questions and/or suggestions on neon, please do share!

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