Friday Favorites #5

Unlike several people around the world, I am (sadly?) not one of the people who spent/will be spending my weekend watching Harry Potter. I haven’t even seen the films in over 7 years – I know, it’s sad. I can’t sympathize as much, but for those of you who are participating in watching the ending of it all, I hope you enjoy every bit!

Fashion Favorites of the Week!

  1. I LOVE stylish laptop bags and these are no exception! Carly Pifer over at Refinery 29 did a little early back-to-school shopping and found some chic and stylish tech products to get us ready and *excited* for school. Along with the laptops, you’ll find matching cases to complete your geek-chic look! 
  2. For busy bees like me, you’ll find that deciding on a meal when you’re home form a long day can be the most difficult decision… like… ever. You’re drained, you’re tired, you just want some darn food. And you really don’t feel like thinking of what you should eat. Well, that’s where Gojee comes in handy – the site creates a personalized menu especially for you. Tell it what you love, what you hate, or simply what’s in your fridge, and the site will provide hand-picked recipe ideas! Genius.
  3. When it comes to beauty, many of us can, once again, become lazy and quite tired with our hectic schedules. That’s why I’ve become obsessed with looking up any ideas on “quick fix” beauty ideas to make it look like I’ve spent hours on my make-up when really it took me five minutes. Refinery 29‘s beauty editor Betsey assembled a list of tips and tricks for those girls who need the most impact in a short amount of time and small amount of products. Sure, be lazy – but don’t let it effect the way you look! Take a look here
  4. Monica Barnett, the lovely stylist whom I intern for at Blueprint for Style, stumbled upon a product that I absolutely, hands-down, whole-heartedly fell madly in love with. It’s another stylish tech product that every and I mean EVERY fashion blogger needs. ASAP. It’s the Sonystyle Bloggie Touch Camera.  Take a look at it and go buy it – now!
  5. You may not know or even think about the fact that your make-up has an expiration ‘date’. Sure, we can sometimes tell by smell, texture, and how the product looks, but our make-up actually has a specific date that it goes bad… really bad to the point where you should not be using it on your skin at all. To check if yours expired, head over to the Cosmetic Calculator, enter the barcode (instructions on site) and see how much longer your make-up has to live! Here’s how much I had to toss out…. so sad 

I’m off to work now! Stop by Betsey Johnson now until July 18th and receive 30% off ALL dresses in the store! IIII don’t think you want to miss that great of a deal (: Come play dress up with me and the ladies!

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