Leighton Meester Style Timeline

I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, filled with working a lot, finishing up a costume I’m working on (which I’ll definitely post pictures of), and having a few get-togethers with friends. Today I thought I would share a celeb style timeline from one of my favorite fashionistas out there: Leighton Meester. When Leighton steps onto the red carpet, she demands attention as she’s a fierce force to be reckoned with. Her looks become more and more defined and eye-catching through each event, since she constantly switches it up, which is why she’s such a great person to follow.

Playing Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl means that Leighton gets one of the best TV wardrobes ever – I mean seriously, not one person on that show dresses poorly (except Taylor Momsen as the show progressed, sorry girl), and it’s all thanks to Stylist Eric Daman. Off the set though, Leighton’s personal style is a toned-down version of the sophisticated, preppy, Upper East Side socialite. She always goes for statements hues of yellow, green, blue, and magenta that compliment her skintone and hair perfectly.

For formal events, Leighton either opts for body-hugging pieces, slouchy, comfy numbers, one-shoulder dresses, and pretty much anything with a cinched waist to accentuate her figure. Her casual wear is preppy with a twist – think pairing a leather pencil skirt with a chic blazer and a romantic silk top. Her look is effortless but really looks like she spent forever putting herself together. From jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses, here are my favorite Leighton looks throughout the years (from 2003-2011):

On the set of Gossip Girl:

If I had an infinite amount of money right now, I’d snag every single piece she’s ever worn, especially when filming Gossip Girl. My heart sinks just a little every time I watch the show – sigh…
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