Bring Out Your Inner Geek-Chic!

A new semester begins in just a little over a month (for most of us), so why not gradually bring out your inner geek-chic? Geek chic style has been seen all over the runways in the past few years and even celebrities found themselves adopting to the look with skinny ties and pants, thick-frame specs, suspenders, and tons of plaid. I’ve always been not only a huge fan of the look but basically conformed to it at my Catholic high-school (oh, memories) – I was a pretty big nerd (psh I still am) so this totally works for me! I love seeing the ways it’s been incorporated into modern fashion now. If you want to join the club, continue reading on to discover how to bring out your inner chic geek!

I’m pretty sure nobody would have imagined that the so called ‘geeks’ & ‘nerds’ in high-school would start some sort of fashion phenomenon. Let’s take Data from The Goonies, Screech from Saved by the Bell, George McFly from Back to the Future, McLovin in Superbad… Or heck, even Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite – are any of them even the slightest bit stylish? Yeah, no. We dreaded their prints, patterns, accessories, and odds and ends upon watching them, but somehow at some point, creativity blossomed and we witnessed recreations of these geeky looks turned into something very chic.
The first step in sporting the trend is to bring out your inner nerd – full throttle, no questions asked! You must play the role if you aren’t one already or this is going to look like a big, bad, messy math problem. Think about the films & shows I mentioned above and the characters who popularized the style. Now, embody them, but replace any insecurities with utmost confidence. Chic means you have some attitude, so you’ll be dressing like a geek, but you don’t necessarily have to become one (not that there’s anything wrong with that – hi, I am.)

Wearing this look doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to suspenders, plaid, and oxfords. Although you can most definitely include them, definitely do incorporate your own personal style, whether it’s urban, boho, preppy, glam or edgy – choose the best features and include them in your geek ensemble. Take the super stylish girls from Gossip Girl as heavy inspiration – nobody would assume they’re even the slightest bit of geek because of all the chicness they display.

Look for creative pieces that add some personality – think quirky messages, geometric patterns, and comical/cartoon images. Again, I’d stick with my personality though – you don’t want to wear a shirt that has a math equation on it but you’re actually terrible at math… that’s just silly. Including your own true character in any style you wear is key! Let’s get more in-depth with some must-have geek-chic pieces!
Geek Chic Supplies
Cardigan: Not only is this piece a practical addition to pretty much any wardrobe and look, it gives you that serious geek chic punch in an instant. Look for bright colored pieces, even with some embellishment, to add some more chic to your geek.
Blazer: Adding that school girl blazer atop dresses or paired with skirts screams a comfortably cool geek chic lady.
Satchel Bag or Backpack: In various sizes and shapes, satchels are so trendy right now, easy to wear, and are simply the classic geek chic carry-all. Carry a small one for your everyday out-abouts and a larger one for school. Backpacks have also made a comeback (which I’m super excited about) and it’s as if Refinery29 read my mind when I was doing this… since they just compiled 10 non-dorky pieces!
Loafers or Oxford Shoes: An obvious way to kick off your geek-chic look, these shoes will add a preppy edge to any outfit especially when pairing them with ankle socks!
Accessories: Blair Waldorf is never caught without her signature headbands and/or scarves, and that’s pretty much what finishes off her geek-chic looks!  For an edgy take, pair suspenders with a sleek button-up (also a great geeky number) and slim-fit trousers. Don’t forget your thick-frame specs – a signature accessor for an original geek chic look.
Skirts & Dresses: For an ultra geeky-girly look, sport a pleated school-girl skirt (bonus points for plaid print!) and pair it with knee-high socks or patterned tights. For a sleeker look, look for a pencil skirt  (leather is hot for the fall!) and top it off with a clean-cut blouse with some added details like ruffles or pleats for extra spice. 

Geek-Chic by abcDanah 


GeekChic by abcDanah 

Girly Geek Chic

Girly Geek Chic by abcDanah 

Edgy Geek Chic

Edgy Geek Chic by abcDanah 

This is such an easy and fun style to try and I promise it will get you more
 excited to start school! I mean it does for me at least :3 Share your geek-chic
ideas below and let me know what you think of the looks I created
 and the trend in general!

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4 responses to “Bring Out Your Inner Geek-Chic!”

  1. I like your styleeeeeeeeeeeee.



  2. It is such a very cool style! I mean, seeing it on the runway makes me literally drool all over my keyboard… 😀 But seriously, what I love the most about it is that it sort of reinforces the intellectual edge to an outfit, and also how EASY it is to incorporate! Take some loafers and a bow tie, and you're good to go. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


  3. Love the girly geek chic ensemble! I love geek chic! Just spotted you on IFB! Now following!


  4. Judy: thanks chica!

    Laura: I totally agree with you on how it reinforces an intellectual edge to an outfit – I love how you put that! Definitely is easy and bow ties are the best!!

    Cheryl: Awesome!! I'm glad you do and thank you 😀



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