Friday Favorites #6

I apologize deeply for leaving you hanging the past couple of days! I’ve been working at Betsey as well as trying to finish up some side projects; I then had an orientation session for Marymount on Wednesday which I was so so geeked out about – I seriously acted like a little girl going to school for the first time. They could probably tell.

I’m totally looking forward to my weekend as its filled with a slumber party (yes, all with pjs, junk food, and horror movies), bit of work here and there, and finishing up my Saturn Girl costume which I’m really excited to share with you all! For now though, here are my favorite fashion & beauty headlines of the week:

A little sneak peek at what’s in store for this fall: loads of leather!
Upgrade your LBD into something sexy like these daring leather
looks worn by Rosie Hungtinton Whitley, Jennifer Aniston, and more. I want!
I already discussed 20s-50s fashion, and now the 60s are making a huge
 come back with retro specs and big hair – I’m a huge lover of big hair
and shades so this got me pretty darn excited! 
Emma Stone showed us a look that may have been a little too early for
  Valentine’s Day but her color-blocking was spot on. I love mixing red
and pink (in fact I might even do it today) and her nude pumps
completed the look perfectly. 
Nobody likes sticky, hot, frizzy-hair weather; with the help of
Refinery 29 and local hair professional Gregory Russell, you now have
 a few ways to combat summer hair: try a low messy bun, a sleek middle-part
 ponytail, a one-length chic bob, and above all – protect those
 locks with nutrient-packed oils!
I’m sure by now with my geek-chic post and all the times I mention
 stylish tech products, you can tell I’m a bit of a nerd and love to get my
 hands on anything stylish and/or geeky. Of course, I’ve stumbled upon more
 gadgets that are useful and so cute! See that cat above? Yeah it’s actually
 a camera… how can you not love that?! 
I hope you are all staying cool in this ridiculously hot weather… I can’t
 believe it’s been 100+ degrees this whole week. I’m surprised I haven’t
even laid out once this summer… that’s sort of bizarre.
Anyway, have a lovely Friday!
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One response to “Friday Favorites #6”

  1. Jennifer Aniston looks amazing. x hivenn


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