teen vogue handbook tips & tricks

It’s been muggy and rainy out, which is much better than the 100+ degree weather, but this puts me in a weird mellow-sluggish mood. So of course I went through my (sadly, very messy) room in hopes of organizing it, only to find myself stumbling upon things I forgot I had! With that said, today, I want to share some of my favorite pages in my Teen Vogue Handbook book. If you’re unfamiliar with it, I highly suggest you continue reading and go through the slideshow I created below, as it’s a wonderful tool for anyone aspiring to be a part of the fashion world – whether a stylist, fashion editor, model, or photographer – this book is the ultimate guide on the bits and pieces on how to get there; plus, it’s written by fashion-savvy people who are already in the field, many of whom you most likely will know!

I like how the sun just came out. Anywho…


Legendary names such as Karl Legerfeld are intermixed with the latest fashion enthusiasts to give you advice on how to plan for a career in the industry. You will learn massive tips on design, modeling, styling, and photography through interviews, pictures, and in-depth lively layouts of tips and photos – even hour-by-hour schedules of what each of them go through on a daily basis (talk about structure!) The end of each section features “Essential Items” that you should have on hand to master your profession. At the very end is a list of fashion schools and lined pages to keep notes and tips for yourself when they come to mind!

Above all, this guide, among many other tools, has helped motivate me to continue doing what I’m doing. With all the quotes and little tips from designers, stylist, editors, models, and more, I guarantee you will benefit from this!

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