when you wish upon a star ★ Leather Skirts

Oh no! I haven’t updated in quite a while – but if you’ve kept up from last week, I was gone this weekend enjoying all sorts of fun activities and good times at Otakon. Jump over to my previous post for more info on what it’s all about and stay tuned for some pictures – I looked pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself!

I’ve been taking a look at the biggest trends for this fall to get myself all revved and ready, and I’m so super excited to see the return of leather. This season, it’s been given an ultra feminine makeover, and is no longer venturing solely towards the biker chic lines. Tomorrow, I’ll be dishing on three ways to wear leather for the fall; but for today, here are a few of my favorite leather skirts that I wish I could just snag right this instant…

Leather Love

Leather Love by abcDanah 

What do you think of the leather trend for this fall? Will you be dawning skirts
 and dresses – even pants – or will you stick to bags and shoes? Stay tuned 
tomorrow for an in-depth insight on how to wear the trend for this fall! 

7 responses to “when you wish upon a star ★ Leather Skirts”

  1. I think may have to hop on the bandwagon. Ther are some really great cuts and colors in these leather puppies! Now I just have to pick one or two and figure out how to rock it!


  2. I love the more feminine leather trend. While I appreciate black leather. I absolutely adore leather in the richer brown shades. I even love the mustard yellow leather skirt from TopShop -I would definitely wear that for Fall.


  3. Great!! Definitely look out for my post tomorrow then (:

    I do too! Sure black is sexy and it's a classic shade for leather but the pales and camels are so pretty and I feel like you can do just as much as you would with black!

    XO Danah


  4. I love the ones from H&M and Forever21!


  5. I don't think I'll be wearing any of these, but I like the Forever21 ones!


  6. Anita: Yay I'm glad you think so! I want them all :p

    BbyAngel: The pale pink one from from F21 is one of my favs!

    Katie: That's cool! It's still fun appreciating fashion, right?! 😀

    XO Danah


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