Leather Love

Yesterday I posted a few of my favorite leather skirts that recently hit stores to get me more excited for one of the hottest trends to show up this fall – leather! Today I’ll be showing you three ways to wear the trend: business casual, daytime, and evening.

I know it’s still a bit warm to be thinking about leather, but fall is approaching quite fast (ahh!), so it’s time to start taking a look at some of the must-have trends for the upcoming season. In the past, leather was mainly about dominatrixes, whips, and creepy motorcycle dudes in mustaches (ew). But now, it’s turned up a huge notch in chicness and classiness. The key to the look is to spend a little more (not necessarily going over your budget, of course) and to take a look at how the celebrities and runways are sporting the trend!

This time around, designers have found a new way to wear leather by pairing the fabric with feminine tops instead of the common edgy-biker-chic twists. Combining leather with  delicate pieces like sheer heather-gray button-ups and sweatshirt-like sweaters tones down the hardness but still gives you that spice leather instantly shows off. Of course, do feel free to still sport the look by looking for pieces with hard and edgy twists like pyramid studs, rhinestones, buckle straps, and other embellishments.

Business Casual Leather

Business Casual Leather by abcDanah featuring a camel skirt

Let’s start off with a business casual look. When going to work or meeting a colleague for lunch, you don’t want to go overboard on your leather, since the fabric can and most likely will be “sexy” if you don’t wear it the appropriate way. Pair a simple, clean-cut leather skirt like this camel one from TopShop with a textured, sophisticated blouse. For a more understated leather look, try to find a skirt, shirt, or dress with leather trimming, like this teal one from TopShop. You’ll subtly wear the trend and you can always emphasize it more with leather shoes and/or a bag. 

Daytime Leather

Daytime Leather by abcDanah 

I can’t wait to wear leather this fall during the day, since designers have given us the fabric in shades other than black! If leather isn’t your thing to begin with, then these looks are pretty much perfect for you considering ultra toned down hues. Ponchos are also a huge trend to be seen this fall, and pairing a cozy one with taupe leather leggings is the absolute comfort ensemble. For a more feminine take, pair a delicate lace top with a rusty, red, crinkle leather skirt and thigh-high socks. Finish off the look with leather gloves with bow details and nude oxfords!

Evening Leather

Evening Leather by abcDanah 

Most people tend to wear leather at night due its seductive and sexy vibe, and it’s pretty easy to just slip on a leather dress and go! There are definitely other methods aside from wearing the common leather dress: pair a fitted leather skirt with a lace top and a chic crop blazer with silk detailing or for a edged up glam look, wear your favorite bedazzled sequin dress underneath a crop leather drape vest. Keep your accessories minimal and your shoes clean-cut!

Remember, you can always find leather detailing if wearing a full leather piece isn’t your thing – look for basic cotton tees or skirts with leather trimming, or add a leather belt to your favorite fall/winter coat and voila! Definitely do also swap your colorful metal cuffs and bangles for tough leather straps to dawn your arm!

Well I can definitely say that I’m going to be needing a leather skirt, 
dress, and a new jacket. Will you be wearing the trend this fall or have
 you worn it out already? What are you most looking forward to with the trend? 

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