Leather Obsessed… Much?

If you’ve been keeping up this week, I’m sure you’ve noticed my slight addiction to one of this fall’s hottest trends: leather. Today, I thought I would wrap things up with the trend and provide you with some of my favorite stealssaves, and splurges to get you inspired and ready to shop for your new leather jacket… because I said you need one! Now! Go get it! Okay, okay, wait until you see them first… duh!

Leather Jackets: Save

Leather Jackets: Save by danah featuring a cropped leather jacket
Leather Jackets: Spend

Leather Jackets: Spend by danah featuring a floral jacket
Leather Jackets: Splurge

Leather Jackets: Splurge by danah featuring a leather zip jacket

I’m sure some of you think – and I don’t blame you – that a few of these options might be on the pricier end of your budget. However, when you think about it, leather should be a splurge – it is for me at least. I didn’t exactly think four years ago when walking into Urban Outfitters that “hi, today I will be spending $200+ on an awesome brown leather jacket.” But I did, and I don’t regret it one bit because I still wear the jacket to this day and it looks pretty damn good! So I definitely think leather is one of those items in your closet – weather a handbag, shoe, or jacket – that you should allow yourself to spend a bit more money on since the good stuff lasts for a looooong time!

If I didn’t include your favorite leather jacket, share in the comments! 
I love seeing more options. I’m off to work now to continue celebrating
 Betsey Johnson’s birthday week! Join us in celebrating with huge savings and
 come see the new fall line – it’s incredible! I’ll definitely be posting pictures soon (:

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2 responses to “Leather Obsessed… Much?”

  1. Love it! I'm also adoring all the leather skirts designers are putting out now too!


  2. Well i am a Leather Lover and Truly Addicted to it and these skirts are pretty awesome!!!~

    leather jacket manufacturers


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