too cool for school? as if!

So I may just be a little bit too excited to start school at the end of this month. I created a post on dressing geek-chic, I can’t stop looking at Target’s back-to-school savings, I want to re-decorate my room, I’m already thinking of what to pack myself for lunch on my super long days of classes… the list goes on! I absolutely love shopping for school supplies and yes, I’m totally one of those people who only gets the cute, stylish tools over boring solid-colored notebooks and pencils – it makes school more exciting (whoever said school was exciting in the first place? me, of course…)

Since we are only a few weeks away from a new semester, I thought I would dig through and find some stylish too-cool-for-school supplies. I am going to school for fashion and journalism after all, so it’s only appropriate for me to have pretty school gear, right?!
Stylish School Supplies!

Stylish School Supplies! by danah on

  1. Notebooks: I never really carried a notebook to school for notes since I always have my laptop with me. However, these travel-size ones are perfect for on the go musings, notes, thoughts, and doodles! I bought a striped one from Target recently and it’s come in handy for work and when I have a random thought I would otherwise forget if I hadn’t written it down!
  2. Eco-Friendly Binders: Some professors will continuously pass out hand-outs that might be useful throughout the semester, so you don’t want to stash that somewhere in your room. These pretty binders will help keep you organized with a huge pocket on the inside as well as the 3-ring that every binder has.
  3. Stylish Pens: I use to carry a pencil case to school but I soon realized that I’m only using one or two of the items in there. So I thought to myself, “I need to buy one cute pen to keep in my purse.” This lipstick ballpoint pen from Fred Flare is cute, compact, and kind of hard to miss in your purse! For more variety, try a pack like these stylish ones from Target – for only 2 bucks!
  4. Planner: I’m obsessed with my planner – I carry it in any purse I have for the day, my laptop bag when I have it on me, my desk when I’m at home… you get the idea. I definitely feel it’s an essential item to have if you’re a busy bee like I am with work, school, and an internship. It will help keep you organized and there are so many cute options like this little birdy one from Fred Flare.
  5. Journal: Similar to the idea of a travel-size notebook, journals help keep your thoughts and findings collected and organized. I love that this has a leather buckle strap so you know it will stay sturdy and put. It also comes in green and yellow – chic and easy to find!
  6. USB Hub: Nowadays, most people have a phone, some sort of mp3 player, a camera, and all sorts of random gadgets. Turn your desk into a blooming garden with this pretty tulip USB hub! It includes four ports with one colorful red flower for each!
  7. Carry-All: Okay, I saved the best for last. I stumbled upon this incredible find through my internship with Blueprint for Style. Monica Barnett, founder of BfS, featured this amazing laptop/tote bag on her blog. Created by Alesya Opelt, Alesya Bags is a [genius] stylish line of women’s laptop bags answering the many calls for a feminine, chic, functional laptop and every-essential carrier. The high quality leather handbags, which come in kelly green, exquisite eggplant, and equestrian tan, fit up to a 15″ laptop, any tablet, or e-reader. Open the zipper, you’ll find massive room for all the essentials you would normally carry in your everyday tote. Designed for only the most fashionable of women, Alesya Bags look like your typical tote-bag but function like a handy laptop bag. Click through for more details and to get yours now!
Are you stoked for school yet?! You should be! I seriously cannot wait. 
What is yoru favorite place to get back into the groove of school and
purchase your stylish school supplies? Or do you really not care how
yours look? Share with us!

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3 thoughts on “too cool for school? as if!”

  1. So many cute things going on here! I'm such a geek when it comes to school supply shopping as well and am so picky about what I get because I love for my supplies to have a kick to them. The lipstick pen looks like the one they were selling at the Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met and I considered buying it but at the last minute went against it. Seeing it again, I think I have to now! I can't wait till I have all my stuff ready to go for this semester!

    Emi ❤


  2. Cheryl: Yay! It definitely is very fun (:

    Emi: I'm totally a geek too and I love it! Go get the lipstick pen before it runs out – things on Fredflare sell FAST! I can't wait either!!

    XO Danah


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