Bring Out Your Disco Fever!

Just because fall is quickly arriving with darker, more romantic colors, it doesn’t mean you have to stray away from bright hues and loud prints! The trend in mind for this week has been an obvious dose of major 70s fever. Many designers, including Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor and Chris Benz, showcased silhouettes that exemplified 70s fashion with a unique modern twist. Several of these looks included floppy hats, high waisted and wide-legged bottoms, wrap dresses, loud prints, and jumpsuits. To briefly sum up what I stated in my previous post on what the 70s is all about, the era was marked by two major moments:

  1. Early on in the 70s, we still saw what was left behind from the 60s, which included the ‘Hippie’ look – wide-leg bottoms, mini skirts, crop tops, jumpsuits, and busy patterns)
  2. Later on came the disco era, where a heavy use of fabrics like rayon, satin, jersey, and lamé came to the scene. Glam rock and punk fashion were also displayed later in the 70s, going into the 80s. 
Now that you have all there is to know about dressing the 70s trend, here are a few outfits to get you even more inspired in accomplishing the look! 

70s Day Glam

70s Day Glam by danah featuring a wide brim floppy hat

This time around, the trend definitely reflects a carefree, loose vibe of the 70s. I chose this bright maxi skirt because of its attention-grabbing color and the wide-leg jean due it being a classic 70s staple. For a relaxed day look, you can’t go wrong with a bright piece like this skirt, paired with tons of layered, boho-chic jewelry. Don’t forget to top it off with a floppy hat just before the cool season hits, and finish off the look with platform sandals that you can easily end your summer with. I love wearing wide bottoms with busy tops, to give off more of that airy vibe – add some feathered accessories and large squared or rounded specs to complete the look.
70s Work

70s Work by danah featuring strap watches

I’ve had so many customers coming into the store (Betsey Johnson) lately being very hesitant about purchasing certain items due to them feeling the items won’t be work appropriate. I needed to reassure them, many times, that work attire is no longer (and it never should have been) about being reserved and sticking to basic colors like blacks, whites, and grays. Amp it up a little (it works for work – I dressed a girl head-to-toe in cheetah print today!) Your look can still be suitable for work, but chic enough to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Pair a sophisticated, bold-hued wide-leg bottom with a bow blouse and platform pumps – and you’re set! Grab your favorite work bag and keep your accessories sleek and classic.

70s Glam Night

70s Glam Night by danah featuring mini shorts

Dressing the 70s trend at night is all about being the center of attention with shiny/metallic fabrics, bright colors, and sexy silhouettes, including low necklines, loose, drape fabrics, thigh-high slits, and hotpants. As for shoes – the higher and shinier the better! Take your neutral platform pumps from the daytime up another notch by swapping them for skyscraper metallic heels.  As for accessories, you don’t have to stop the shimmer and glitz – pile it on in layers for the absolute disco fever factor – you want to stand out!

What’s your favorite way to dress the 70s trend? If you’re not into it,
is there another decade that suits your style more – what is it? Share
in the comments!

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3 responses to “Bring Out Your Disco Fever!”

  1. Great tips! And could there be anything more fun than going all out 70's for a night out?! I like being the center of attention! Lol


  2. You put gorgeous sets together!!! The second one is my favorite! I love cream!



  3. Right?! Who doesn't when you look that fabulous?!

    Thank you girlie! I love that too – never thought I would like the whole classic/minimalist look but it's super chic.


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