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Late post today, but I’ve been out with my lovely friend Meghane getting a lot of shopping and styling done. I’m thinking of turning this into a real business/service soon, since I do it so often and I really enjoy it. I definitely feel that once you’ve been acquainting yourself with something you love for such a long time, you become better at it and (hopefully) find yourself liking it even more than you ever imagined. It happened with writing for me, and I now see it occurring more with styling – it’s not just something I really love to do, but, to put this in the humblest way, I’m actually pretty darn good at! I already have incredible friends who do some great promoting for me since they feel I should put myself out there more, so I thought I should get started – soon – on doing it for myself as well.

Little sneak preview of how my business cards will look soon! Very excited for this!

Have any of you started an independent, freelance business or service of some sort? If so, how did you get started and what do you offer? Is it going well so far? I’d love to hear some stories to become even more inspired and motivated! I’m definitely incredibly happy with the direction my blog is headed, and I’m thrilled to know that I have as many readers as I do – you all keep me going even more!

Nothing much more to say for today, really! I am investing in a tripod soon, though (since mine broke), which means you will be seeing some major postage of outfit photos, life snippets, and whatever I feel like snapping photos of and sharing here – hooray! My wishlist also seems to be getting longer, but it is still very much set on a pair of nude pumps, the perfect crossbody bag, and a really good lipstick/lipgloss – we’ll see where it takes me, though – sigh! The rest of my night includes eating a delish home-cooked meal by mama along with a box of Godiva chocolates from Meghane (love her!), composing some thoughts on what to post for this week, and pretty much just relaxing and enjoying the fact that it’s not 100+ degrees out! So happy to not have a sad case of the Mondays today – hopefully you haven’t had one either!

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