when you wish upon a star ★ Nude Pumps

Guess what I’m doing today? Shopping! Well, probably just browsing, really – but, hey that counts for something, right?! Especially considering I haven’t even looked around a mall or any sort of store in months… aside from grocery and craft stores… Hopefully I’ll find what’s been straying on my wish list for.ev.er. Today, I’d really like to focus on a new bag – every single time I carry mine (which is everyday since I work… pretty much everyday), I dread it so much just because it’s an uncomfortable bag to carry, it’s not that cute, and it’s pretty old and worn. So fingers crossed!

Here’s some wishful thinking with some beautiful, classic, nude pumps – another item I hope to check off my wishlist soon. I’m eyeing two pairs at Betsey right now (since you know, little lady on a budget here!) If only I can snag these… a girl can dream, though!

Nude Pumps
Nude Pumps by danah featuring high heel shoes

From left to right: Yves Saint Laurent, Stuart Weitzman, Fendi,
 Prada, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin

Off to work at Betsey then hunting I go for my new bag – I hope I find one!
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