Friday Favorites: Let’s Get One Thing Straight

I love seeing new(ish) models blossom so fast; it makes even our tasks that much more motivating and inspiring, considering the fact that modeling, along with the many other jobs in the fashion industry, can be a difficult and oftentimes tiring task.

Chinese model Grace Gao has only been modeling for a couple of years now, but she is already flourishing in the fashion world, as showcased in the Numero China August 2011 issue. Shot with super-thin eyebrows that are completely and boldly opposite of the current thick-brow trend, and intense smoky eyes with burgundy lips, the spread is pretty hard to forget. 

Gao shows off a variety of looks, including classic items like a beautiful camel coat and a sophisticated white blouse/black skirt look, to more unconventional pieces such as a billowy printed dress and tweed coat. She pretty much shows the fashion world that with her ability to model with that fierce aura and diverse look, she isn’t going anywhere aaaanytime soon.
I’m heavily inspired by fashion editorials when it comes to putting together my own looks. That may sound strange, considering the stylist for that particular photoshoot was most likely inspired by something… other than a photoshoot/other editorial. Nonetheless, I can still find inspiration in anything that captures my attention; and with this shoot, it was the rich, bold look in Gao’s face, her super sleek slicked-back hair, and the jewel-toned hues dawning her lips and eyes. I’m also a sucker for floppy hats and she was styled pretty perfectly in it, with the billowy blouse and flowey black skirt.
Grace Gao
Grace Gao by danah featuring rose gold bracelets

Have a great Friday – yay it’s the weekend!

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