when you wish upon a star ★ Taste of Tartan

For anyone who experienced the earthquake yesterday in the DMV area as well as parts of New York, Ohio, and I believe Toronto, I hope you are alright! I definitely felt it good as I live in a condo building on the 4th floor – my TV shook and I definitely felt and saw everything around me sway (including the complex itself.) Safe to say everyone is… safe. It’s important to learn how to prepare for any natural disaster, so definitely get on that if you don’t know what to do!

To cheer things up, I bring you the lovely taste of tartan – a huge trend for the upcoming season – with a bundle of pieces I’m wishing to have for this Fall (and forever. duh.) Look out tomorrow for how to wear the trend!

Taste of Tartan

Taste of Tartan by danah featuring a plaid pleated skirt

Betsey Johnson blazer, rag & bone bag,
Paul Smith Valentina shoes, Betsey Johnson
sheath dress, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania
skirt, Vivienne Westwood satchel, Burberry totebag

I’m in love – I have always had a huge crush on plaid (even my Catholic school-girl one in high school), so I’m super happy to see designers bringing us new creations to play around with. I’m definitely snagging that Betsey Johnson blazer on the top left this week!

Look out tomorrow for a how-to guide on wearing the trend!
Until then, have a wonderful day – it’s beautiful outside again (:
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