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Learn to Taste Tartan

I had such a fantastic day at work yesterday – not only was it absolutely gorgeous outside, but a few customers did some major back-to-school shopping and… made my day… let’s just keep it at that! Yesterday, I shared a few items that I’m currently lusting over for one of this upcoming fall’s trends I’m most excited about – tartan. Today I’ve put together a few looks to get you inspired on wearing the trend. I’m not a fan of that typical plaid button-down shirt – I never took part in that ‘hipster’ scene, I suppose. I think I bought one long multicolor plaid shirt 3+ years ago and thought I was really cool, wore it once, and never wore it again. It’s currently being sold on my shop right now – Panache Boutique. It’s not that I think the item is hideous, it’s just not my style whatsoever right now, but I know that many people still like fabrics and pieces like that, and hey, that’s cool.

For those of you who have been wearing plaid in button-down form, try to switch it up and take it to a whole new level with one of these looks below. This time around, we’re looking at tartan/plaid in jackets, skirts, dresses, and all kind of accessories from scarves to shoes.

Ways to Wear: Tartan #1

Ways to Wear: Tartan #1 by danah featuring mother of pearl jewelry

This looks is perfect when you simply want to stay cozy and comfy if you’re doing a lot of walking this fall. Capes and ponchos are slowly hitting stores now, and the piece is super easy to wear – simply throw it on atop any shirt, and pair it with either cropped pants, cute folded socks and oxfords, like I styled here, or your favorite pair of denim bottoms for a 1-2-3-go look. I chose red for my shoes because I like that pop of color when the rest of the outfit is staying neutral. Plus, red is all the ‘rouge’ this upcoming fall – so you’re killing three trends in one in this outfit!

Ways to Wear: Tartan #2

Ways to Wear: Tartan #2 by danah featuring a black coat

This looks is perfect for going out at night, whether with colleagues or friends. I took inspiration from Betsey Johnson’s fall line, specifically the burnout red velvets and the romantic essence of the collection. Don’t be afraid of mixing prints and adding layers – to keep your look still looking cohesive and chic, while you want to stay cozy, try a wrap coat over your sleeveless printed dress. Add bold matching jewelry, platform pumps, and a graphic bag (don’t be afraid to mix prints!) to complete the look.

Ways to Wear: Tartan #3

Ways to Wear: Tartan #3 by danah featuring yellow handbags

I like this look particularly because it reminds me of something the girls from Gossip Girl would wear (even though they would probably wear anything with plaid, really.) When wearing plaid, you definitely don’t have to stick to pairing your piece with neutral hues – mustard and bright yellows go beautifully with red and black tartan. Finish the look off with peep-toe wedges and stacked gold jewelry.

I’m so excited to get my plaid blazer from Betsey this week,
as well as a few other new pieces I’ve been wanting! Off to
work now in a bit – not looking forward to being out in this
gloomy weather… it was just beautiful out yesterday! Have a
lovely day anyway (:
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