20 Fall Essentials #1: Platform Sandals

This new blogger interface is actually quite nice – that is one of the only reasons why I enjoyed using WordPress for like, two weeks. The layout was structured, organized, and very clean, making blogging very easy and comfortable. It even tells me how many view counts I’ve received for each individual post – not that numbers matter, but this helps me determine what you are interesting in learning about, which is important to me! So two thumbs up, Blogger!

Days like this where the sun is beaming and the wind is a light breeze, I miss going to cider mills and pumpkin patches back in my hometown, Michigan. Not that I miss Michigan (I really don’t), but I did enjoy the fall festivities that took place there. Hopefully I’ll find more activities to take part in here (I’ve been in D.C. for 3 years now and still don’t know what’s up…) – I know my lovely manager and friend at Betsey, Jane, knows some great places, so I’m excited for the Autumn season to arrive!

With that said, I’ve created a “20 fall essentials” planner, where I will post the top items you must include in your wardrobe this fall! I’ve already showed you how to wear leather, plaid, and the seventies trend; so now, each day, beginning today, I will share a new fall must-have/trend to include in your wardrobe, followed by how to style it into an outfit and/or where you can snag the piece! This will definitely enhance my styling skills, help you pick out your trendy fall looks, and hopefully inspire you to whip up something fresh for the new season to come. Plus, fashion week is coming up, so you should all be getting revved and ready to pick out what to wear for the events, should you be attending!

To kick things off, let’s start with a summer-to-fall transition piece like a pair of platform sandals. Don’t walk, but run to grab a pair of sandals to show off a seventies-inspired look. You don’t have to stick with solid colors – definitely feel free to play up your look by going for a printed pair, perhaps with ankle straps to mix in a ’70s and ’40s vibe.

Fall Essential #1: Platform Sandals

Fall Essential #1: Platform Sandals by danah featuring butterfly earrings

Here, I chose a structured, lady-like, yet skater-style, dress in a deep violet. Pair a piece like this with solid tights in a bold color that matches your shoes or dress, knee-high or thigh-high socks, and kick off the look with color-blocked or printed platform sandals (solid works, too, but contrasting tones and patterns are fun!) I also included a pretty, light hued drape blazer to give the look more femininity and life; adding a structured handbag and floral jewels also plays into the girly-chic look.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my 30-day fall essentials series! I’m absolutely in love with my classes at Marymount right now – I feel like I’m going to learn so much about fashion that I don’t know already, and I’m excited to share it with you! Going to organize my room now, study a bit, then I’m off to my ‘clothing construction’ class – I’ve never sewed before so I’m so thrilled to know I’ll be learning how to, by making a hat, a skirt, and a blouse – yay!

It’s almost the weekend – doesn’t feel like it but I’m glad the week is going by fast (for now, at least!)

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