20 Fall Essentials #3: Midi-Skirts

I am absolutely in love with this weather right now and the entire vibe it gives off. I feel fall arising already and it puts me in the happiest of moods – it’s not hot nor cool, it rained beautifully last night and I’m now enjoying a scrumptious breakfast of brown sugar waffles, turkey sausage, and hot creamy coffee. With this weather, it’s the perfect time to transition your summer pieces into fall, or better yet, swap your summer fabrics and minimal clothing for longer lengths and layered garments of cozy knits, sheer fabrics, and soft suede and velvets. For today, let’s trade our mini and knee-length skirts for midi’s!

runway via fashionmylove

Midi skirts hit the top of the trends list and fall must-haves very rapidly, and I can definitely see why. They’re a super easy transition piece from summer to fall – yet can be worn all year around, too – and the piece is easily paired with almost everything in your closet. Like with any trend or item in your closet really, you can easily fall into a trap – in this case, of looking ‘frumpy’ – if you don’t choose the right items to pair the skirt with. Read on for my tips and tricks on wearing the skirt followed by taking a look at some outfits I styled to get you inspired on wearing the trend right now – seriously, it’s the perfect time!

Oh my gosh I have to pause to say that it just started raining again and it looks so pretty – the window in my living room looks straight out to the courtyard of my building, so whenever rain pours down, it’s like a tropical rainfall. I forgot my umbrella at work though, and I have to walk to class tonight… not happy about that! Okay back to midi-skirts…

runway via dafashionista
My only complaint about these skirts is that there aren’t enough of them in US stores yet! I see several chic fashionistas and celebs wear them to only discover they’ve found their pieces outside of the US – it’s not fair! I need more friends from abroad – hehe. Nonetheless, you can still keep these tips in mind when you do find your piece. Before we dive into styling, let’s have a little history lesson on where these skirts came from. 
  • Popular in the 1940s when women were all about elegance and grace, the midi skirt was a common length amongst women of all ages. By the 1960s, women felt suppressed by fashion in the past, and traded their midis for flirty minis!
  • After this puff of freedom came the fated year of 1970, when high-end department stores forced their saleswomen to wear only one style of skirt while on duty – the midi! Much of the resistance towards the midi style was not solely due to length, but rather, it was an incredibly difficult garment to sell. 
  • The midi tried its hardest to stick around in the fashion world, but fell into a flop pretty much all throughout the 70s. Thankfully, designers have now injected new spirit into the piece, highlighting its ladylike attributes and versatile wearability – with a range of fabrics, patterns, and colors, and a maximum amount of creative styling, the piece suits just about anyone. 

Now that you’re well acquainted (I hope!) with the history behind the trend, some of you might still be a bit hesitant about wearing the garment. I’ve compiled several reasons and ways to ease your mind to get you trying this new trend immediately! 

Victoria Beckham via iamdollface & teamsugar

Why should you wear a midi skirt?
  • Midi skirts are polished and sleek. When styled properly, the trend is at the vanguard of sophistication. It is a great piece to have if you’d like to diversify your style from time to time, while still looking and feeling classy. 
  • It’s much more adventurous than you think. Although the piece can appear boring when hanging from the racks, it certainly requires a certain amount of attitude to own and wear a trend like this one, just like any revealing top or body-con skirt in your closet. Challenge yourself – you’d be surprised!
  • Versatility is one of your best friends in fashion. Any piece that allows you to style it in a few dozen ways is something you definitely want to keep in your closet for.ev.er. How great would it look with that felt hat you just got for the fall? If you have no idea what’s up with felt hats lately, take a look at my post here
How the heck do you wear a midi skirt?!
  • Length is key. If you don’t have the tiniest calves, you want to make sure your midi ends at the bottom end of your calf, where it starts to taper or else you will make your calves look wider than they are! The taller you are, the longer your skirt can be; if you’re on the petite side in terms of height, stick to skirts just-below-knee length. Much like fashion icon Victoria Beckham displays her midi above, it hits her perfectly either right below her knee or right where her calf begins – perfection!
  • Wear the right shoes. This look calls for higher heels, unless you’re aiming for that matronly, not-so-cute, vintage look. Because of where the skirt falls, your legs are already getting “chopped off”, so you must, must, must wear the piece with heels to elongate your leg line and create an even, elegant posture! 
  • Wear the right top. Choosing the appropriate top will go a long way towards keeping this look on trend and stylish, rather than, as previously mentioned as a ‘don’t’, frumpy and matronly. Stay away from oversized tops and stick to fitted ones instead. The ideal match is a slim-fit blouse or tee tucked into the skirt paired with a jacket (if needed) that falls at the hipline. You need to minimize your look to avoid looking bulkier as the skirt can make you easily cross that border!
  • Choose the right style. As with many trends, designers find several ways to vary said piece to allow room for versatility when styling. An A-line skirt is usually flattering to all body types – so if you are unsure as to which style to pick up, stick with this one. An elongated pencil skirt (on Beckham above) is also very flattering on several body types and can create a super chic and sexy hour-glass shape. Although I stated that you should stick with fitted tops, if you choose a fitted bottom, you can definitely pair it with a loose sweater, crop-top, or blouse. Just remember to keep length in mind – whether you decide to go with a pencil shape, a-line, or a piece that has gathering or flares. 
Further Inspiration

 all images via chictopia

I’m off to finish working on my drawings for Design class, grab a 
quick bite, then hopefully make it to class without getting super soaked! 
Stay tuned for a mini post later today featuring a few midi-skirts
I found to share with you, to get you started shopping!
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