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MBFW Spring 2012 Arrival

It’s here, it’s here! MBFW officially started – right now in fact – what are you waiting for?! Visit Mercedes Benz Fashion Week online and click through the designer’s pages and/or the ‘schedule’ tab to see who is streaming their show LIVE online for you to view at your own convenience! Then, head over to YouTube’s ‘Live From the Runway‘ as they will be presenting us with the many livestreams throughout the entire week! How awesome is that?! Finally, if you missed a show or you simply want to go back and see it again, visit as they are super quick on posting reviews on every single show, alongside the entire collection in pictures as well as the video. I will be periodically posting throughout the day (if school lets me agh) about which collections I’m liking so far and why! Definitely do share your favorites, too.

Another event that has been becoming more and more popular every year is Fashion’s Night Out. I’ve only been to it once in Georgetown last year, and I wasn’t exactly prepared since I didn’t know much about it! I’m really sad that I can’t go tonight because of class, but if you are going – wherever it may be – let me know about your experience! It’s exciting to see how different cities go about their fashion events; plus, it’s during fashion week so that’s even more fun!

Here is [my] line-up for today (all livestreams!):
  • 9am: Nicholas K
  • 11am: Richard Chai
  • 2pm: Tadashi Shoji
Who are you most excited to see? Of course I can’t wait until September 12th to see what Betsey Johnson shows! Her latest collection “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” is still one of my favorites of hers, so I’m definitely looking forward to see how the pink lady herself amped it up this time. Keep your eye out wide open for the Facebook event I’m creating today for Betsey’s show, where we’ll be counting down the days ’til the show with quirky hints and pictures from the Betsey babes in the showroom, exciting announcements on the collection, discussions on what we love about Betsey, live updates from when the show happens, and SO much more – I can’t wait!
Switching topics for a moment and swinging back to yesterday’s post on midi-skirts, here is a nice little bundle of skirts to get you started and inspired to shop for your new fall item! If you have one already, share it in the comment and how you style it! I seriously need to get going on buying a tripod already so I can share my outfits – it’s kind of ridiculous that I haven’t already when I’ve really been wanting to.


I’m off to class now where I will be pretending to listen to the brilliant wonders of Microeconomics when really I’m going to watch the MBFW shows. I know, that’s terrible to say; but it’s so much more exciting watching the collections display live and being in the ‘now’ while everyone is updating at the same time as you! I’ll be back throughout the day – stay tuned!

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