Betsey Johnson T & A Bombshell Babes

Courtesy of Betsey Johnson’s amazing Spring 2012 show yesterday, I was heavily inspired to do a ‘bombshell’-themed post – so keep your eyes open for that! I still need to get back into the groove of my blog’s schedule, since Fashion Week makes me stumble all over the place! In the mean time, in-case you missed the livestream, I’ve posted my favorite looks below. It was stated on someone’s Twitter (I forgot who) that at least 85% of what you see on the runway will be available in stores – in January! If that’s true, I’m seriously so excited because I’m obsessed with this collection – it was so unique and actually quite different from what Betsey normally does; but you can obviously still see her flair throughout the entire show.

Her inspirations included her daughter Lulu (who modeled in the show!) and Nicki Minaj – she was pretty much obsessed with Nicki that entire day asking (during the backstage pre-show interviews) if anyone has seen her and how amazing she is and such – kind of ridiculously adorable. I mean… look at them together:

The show included gorgeous bombshell looking models with side-swept golden wavy locks and hot fuschia glossy lips. For Spring, we’re looking at a lot T&A – as her invitation hinted at us – played up in a glamorous, sexy-sophisticated manner. We saw tons of backless dresses, micro-mini’s, flowy dresses, pretty floral pastels meshed with technicolored splatters, sequins and glitter, and tons of sheer and lace fabrics – all absolutely perfect for the spring. Share your favorite pieces from the show, and when they hit stores, I’ll let you know!

If this show doesn’t bring out your inner bombshell, I’m not sure what else can or will! The models looked so confident, fierce, and pretty much as if they were ready to take over whatever mission they had in their hands. Victoria’s Secret does it with their Angels, and now Betsey showcased her version of a bombshell – what’s yours?! Share your thoughts, reactions, and favorite pieces from the show and tell me what your version of a bombshell is in the comments below! 

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