20 Fall Essentials #7: Capes

It’s been getting quite chilly outside lately which I’m actually really excited about for once, mostly due to me loving everything that Fall has to offer (except rain). In particular, I’ve already started to layer my clothes and I can’t wait for those days where my outerwear piece does all the talking when it comes to how effortlessly-chic my outfit looks. A simple raincoat, parka, or leather jacket are a few ways to get you through the cool months, but a bold cape or poncho is the way to go right now!

I love the fact that capes are so incredibly easy to put on: two little side peep-holes are made for your arms to easily slide through, a larger hole on the top for your head, and the easiest of them all – those cute and little capelets that simply drape atop your shoulders. This great piece allows you to have a lot of movement, which is an essential factor during the cooler months, considering the amount of layering we do! Running errands wearing a big heavy coat or even a leather jacket can be quite tough due to their stiffness and bulkiness that disables us from moving around fast. 

Since this item wants to be the focus of your look, it can be quite difficult to style it at times without taking attention away from it. Never fear though – superheroes do it everyday and Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) on Gossip Girl pulls her capes, ponchos, and little capelets off in the most stylish way – so you can, too! Don’t worry, I won’t have you looking like Superwoman after you’re doing reading this (although, who wouldn’t want to look like a Superhero…I wouldn’t mind)

Oftentimes, ponchos and capes can be seen as quirky and odd, since they have no actual sleeve for your arm – but that’s the best part here! Putting the ease of wear aside, the piece comes in so many styles, colors, and fabrics, that you can seriously make a major positive statement about yourself – in terms of your style and confidence – if you select the right one. You definitely do not have to stick to a traditional neutral-hued shade – go for bold prints such as plaid/tartan, gingham, and tweed, as well as looking for bright colors like corals, reds, greens, and plums. 

The simplest version which was made famous my Mexicans in old films has a tiny bit more than a simple blanket, with just a hole in it to pop your head out of! This also comes in the form of a cape or a chic little shrug-style that drapes over your shoulders, as seen on Leighton above atop her lace dress as well as with her matching plaid skirt below. 

Just by observing the stylish ladies in their looks above, can you see how easy it is to simply just throw a cape on and go? They really are one of those pieces you’ll want to have in your closet due to their ease and versatility. Whether you decide to pair it with your most comfortable pair of leggings or jeans, your new brightly-hued fitted skirt, or even a bodycon cocktail dress, the possibilities are endless – just keep in mind these hot tips:
  1. Do not over style yourself when it comes to accessories, including shoes, your handbag, and jewelry, since the cape is such a bold piece! 
  2. Pair your chosen cape/capelet/poncho with a fitted bottom since the piece already has a lot of movement, drape, and flow to it – no need to add more bulk!
  3. As I previously mentioned – you definitely don’t have to stick to your everyday go-to shade of black or nude. Look for bright colors and trendy patterns like plaid/tartan and tweed!
  4. If a sleek cape with no detailing is a bit too safe for you, add your own embellishments with scarves, brooches, or belts, should you not find a cape that already has its own detailing.
Now that you are all set in terms of knowing about the trend, here are a few stylish ways to wear your cape, capelet, or poncho starting… now! If you already have a piece, share how you style it below in the comments! Is there one you’ve been eyeing somewhere but you couldn’t figure out how to wear it? I tried a very casual semi-acidwash piece at Diesel and fell in love – might have to grab it soon!
30-Day Fall Essentials #7: Capes
30-Day Fall Essentials #7: Capes by danah 

30-Day Fall Essentials #7: Capes

2 responses to “20 Fall Essentials #7: Capes”

  1. I truly love capes. They go with everything, are chic and stylish. Great post and selection.


  2. I love capes! I'm so excited to get one this fall – and wear it all winter too!! They're instantly chic and fun.


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