20 Fall Essentials #8: Oversized Tops

It’s definitely one of those “I have the case of the Mondays” days – I’m a bit sluggish but I’m not letting myself drown in doing nothing during this six hour break I have! I haven’t had much break time this semester so I’m taking advantage to the fullest by starting to work out again (after this post!) and getting my much needed errands finally complete. The weather has gotten significantly cooler these past few days, with rain and cloudy skies – definitely puts you in that cozy fall mood of wanting to drink pumpkin spice lattes (I got myself some gingerbread coffee creamer! yummy) and hot apple cider, go on ghost haunts and hay rides, carve a pumpkin, and the best of all – wear your comfy sweaters, boots, and cool-weather accessories!

I’m really loving oversized tops this season, more than I normally though I would. Actually, upon first seeing them on the runway, worn my celebrities, then stocked up in stores, I figured they would make you look more sluggish than you feel in this type of weather. Boy was I ever so wrong! I tried a piece that we have at Betsey, immediately fell in love with the comfort and ease of it, and of course, snagged it for myself! Oversized tops are definitely a lot of fun to wear, but you must know a few key rules before doing so. Wearing one the wrong way can have you looking like you’re drowning in the fabric, when the piece should drape beautifully over you. The key factor is to balance out your outfit by marrying the piece with contrasting natures of textiles so, you know, you won’t end up looking like a balloon.

Here I’m going to share three super stylish ways to wear oversized pieces, while still feeling sexy! I’m sure one element you think of when imagining oversized tops is the fact that it can hide those unwanted food babies; but what we’re really focusing on is their swing, ease, and undeniable comfort value. Without sacrificing any shape, style, or desirability, get inspired to rock a look like one of the following:

Oversized Tops #1

Oversized Tops #1 by danah featuring longs jewelry

Option number one features cinching your oversized top to give your shape even more definition! Pair a piece like this orange one by Nicole Miller with a skinny belt, fitted skirt, ruffle socks and bold heels. FInish off the look with minimal accessories in gold hues and you’re good to go!

Oversized Tops #2

Oversized Tops #2 by danah featuring a knit sweater

This is the sweater I got from Betsey Johnson that I am currently wearing right now, actually! I paired mine with gray sweater leggings, but above, I coupled it with edgy leather leggings instead. Since that particular sweater has a lot of detail, you don’t want to go overboard on your accessories – keep that edgy vibe with a pair of classic ‘Lita’ platforms by Jeffrey Campbell and add a pinch of color with a blood red scarf.

Oversized Tops #3

Oversized Tops #3 by danah featuring a chain necklace

Don’t be afraid to mix loose over long! Choose a straight-lined pencil midi skirt and pair it with an overall-oversized drape cardigan like this one by Alexander Wang. Finish off your sleek look with classic black and gold accessories, from head to toe!

I hope these looks were inspirational and helpful in deciding how you will style your oversized pieces! They’re awkward at first, I will say, but trust me – you will want a few of these in your closet immediately, especially when you’re on the go and have no time to decide on an entire outfit! I’ve had mine on since 9am, it’s now 3pm, and I haven’t had to tug on anything or shift my skirt over here and there – I love the simplicity and coziness. 
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