20 Fall Essentials #9: Statement Tights & Socks!

I did a post a while back on how to wear socks with shoes (as they peak out of the shoe, that is), and many of you really seemed to enjoy it! I received several comments and e-mails informing me that the tips and looks I provided were inspirational and helpful, so I thought I would reiterate what I mentioned, as an addition to my fall essentials list; except this time, I’ll be focusing on tights rather than socks. To learn how to wear socks, though, visit my previous post here!

Just because the days are getting cooler, doesn’t mean you have to hide your dresses and skirts in your closet! In-fact, Fall is the perfect time to bring out your statement socks and tights to peak out underneath those feminine, autumn pieces. They are the perfect solution for the dilemma of figuring out how to wear our favorite spring and summer dresses. If you’re a girly-girl like me (for the most part, at least), or just one who embraces a year-round feminine look, you’ve probably been trying to adapt to the changing seasons without losing an ounce of your flirty style.

In an in-between season, it’s cool in the air and sometimes  super sunny with a beautiful on and off breeze – so you definitely don’t want to risk having bare legs that are prone to goosebumps once that breeze hits; and you shouldn’t have to wear your denims and pants to keep you cool all the time. I’m a huge fan of hosiery – all kinds of patterns, lengths, colors, and textures – and I can tell you that I have an endless collection! Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ashley Olsen love them, and if you’re a Gossip Girl lover like me, you already know that Serena and Blair wear them all-year-round and look amazing.

For me, Fall is also a time to start being frugal, especially since the Holidays are just right around the corner. I love Halloween and I dress up every year, but it does cost me quite a lot to get myself all decked out and ready! Then shortly after comes my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, Eid… ahh it’s all happening so fast, isn’t it?! My point is, with an addition like a bold pair of tights or socks, you’ll only be spending anywhere between $3 and $40 max – and that’s only if you want a super special pair (which you should invest in for at least one pair!) Below you’ll find styling tips divided by four category of tights – textured, colored, patterned, and playful – as well as a great collection of pairs to get you inspired and ready to shop to style your outfits!


Textured tights include lace, fishnet, and any other open-hole patterns – so there is a lot to choose from in this given category. You can never go wrong with classic black patterned tights – in diamond fishnets or criss-cross overlays – for a sophisticated look. They’re fantastic, for example, to supply needed coverage and warmth under your favorite fall mini-dress or pleated skirt.

Textured tights are also great replacement for your go-to leggings because they usually tend to be slightly thicket than other assortments, and add lovely detail to your overall look. Depending on the level of detail you choose, textured tights can either become the focal point of your entire outfit or simply complement what you are wearing without taking away attention from other pieces you are wearing.

With that being said, remember to keep your textured tights the focus in your outfit for the most clean and chic look, unless an eclectic look is what you are aiming for. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns though – you can most definitely wear rose lace tights with, let’s say, a drape polka-dot mini dress.

Snag Them!

From left to right, starting from top:

Leopard Lace Tights: Forever21 $5.80
Black Flower Lace Tights: TopShop $24.00
Circle Lace Tights: Warehouse $21.00
Falke Lace Net Tights: House of Fraser $31.00
Geo Lace Tights: Milly @ Couture Candy $10.80

Solid Colored

Solid, opaque, colored tights are the perfect and fastest way to spice up an otherwise ordinary outfit. I love instant pops of color, and these are no exception of unexpected playfulness and attitude! 
You can pretty much opt for any color, depending on your mood, I suppose! Deep, dark, and jewel-tone shades tend to be the most popular fall and winter choices, though, and I find you can match those better with your clothing, too. In warmer seasons, you can expect to see vibrant brights in anything from neon yellow to hot pink (however, neon is another trend staying for the fall – more on that, later!) If your outfit is neutral-toned, bright accents like colored tights look amazing – even a high-waisted skirt and sleek blouse can get a complete makeover with their addition! 
They don’t have to be opaque either – I love a nice shimmer or shine on my solid tights!

Snag Them!

From left to right starting at top:

First three are ModCloth $14.99, ModCloth 15.99, ModCloth, $14,99
TopShop $20.00, TopShop $8.00, TopShop $16.00, 
TopShop $12.00, TopShop $16.00


I told you – tights have gone to a whole new level this season – even some risque ones! Somewhat akin to textured tights, sultry styles provide bold detail, but with a little twist. Think faux bows, the illusion of lace and back seams, or the appearance of a garter – sultry tights create and illusion of a 3-D passion.
Anytime you’re looking for a way to amp up your outfit’s sex appeal, if you’re wanting attention-grabbing pieces, or if you’re just a lover of taking risks with fashion, these kinds of tights are the perfect wild addition. A girl can use some meeeeeow time every once in a while…. right? Right (;

Snag Them!

From left to right, starting at top:

Suspend-se Thriller Tights: ModCloth, $28.00
Bow-ing Up Tights: ModCloth, $15.00
Calf-Way There Tights: ModCloth, $16.00
Black Bow Suspender Tights: TopShop, $18.00
Nude Bow Seam Back Tights: TopShop, $18.00
Heart Placement Tights: TopShop, $16.00
Criss Cross My Heart Lace Up Footless Tights: Betsey Johnson, $40.00
Nude Bow Seam Suspender Tights: TopShop, $18.00
Heart Suspender Tights: TopShop, $16.00
Seam Back Tights: TopShop, $14.00


Last but certainly not least, we have patterned tights – similar to your textured and sultry, except with the most detailing! I can’t say I have a favorite but these are definitely one of the most fun additions to have in your wardrobe, especially during seasonal times and around the holidays. 
One of my favorite patterns to wear are polka-dots and stripes, and wearing them in tights are no exception! Of course, those aren’t the only designs you can opt for – nowadays, we’re seeing patterns of all kinds, including snowflakes, stars, bows, floral, tie-dye, and even uniquely placed and shaped geometric and tribal prints. 
These may be a bit pricier than other options, but you’ll be making a huge and very bold statement with a pair like these below. Just keep in mind that when wearing a bold pair of patterned tights, you should definitely keep the rest of your look simple and clean, as these are the loudest of all the stocking varieties!

Snag Them!

These are ALL from ModCloth except the very last ones which are from 
TopShop! How amazing is ModCloth for having these fun tights?! I’m obsessed!

Starting at just $4, fun, colorful, statement socks and tights are the perfect
way to experiment with an outfit’s effects without breaking the bank
(well, for the most part!) What are your favorite ways to wear your
pairs? Share your thoughts and looks!

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