20 Fall Essentials #11: Duster Coats

Happy Fall Break! It’s so refreshing to have this super long weekend where I can get a lot of work done that I’ve definitely been needing time for. I still have a piece to finish up for my Design class, a Textiles project that will take me shopping at Joann’s today (yay!), along with a few other pretty boring assignments that I don’t really want to think of – but I plan on getting as much done as I can today and tomorrow!

I went shopping in my sister’s closet yesterday night and had a little too much fun! She gave me this incredible metallic silver trench coat that I’m so excited to wear – I’ll definitely do an outfit post on it once the weather is appropriate. It was handed to me right in time for this fall, considering metallics and shimmer are a huge trend and one I included in my 20 Fall Essentials list – check out my previous post on the shiny trend in case you missed it!

Has anyone else noticed a trend in the… trends… this fall? Each one is about making a serious impression and being the center of attention wherever you go – I love it! Especially during the colder months where many tend to become sluggish, fashion allows you to step out of that hermit zone with eye-catching and confidence-boosting pieces and style.

Michael Kors, Rodarte, L.A.M.B, Theyskens’ Theory via style.com

We’re half way through my 20 Fall Essentials series, and today brings us to showcasing your inner Shaft with duster coats. With a coat that reaches all the way to the floor, you will look impossibly glam, especially when you pair it with separates peeking out underneath. From wool to fur, these coats run the spectrum in texture, fabric, and even color – thanks to designers like Rodarte, Michael Kors, Theyskens Theory, and L.A.M.B, – you’re sure to make a long-lasting impression this Fall. Take a look at some key pointers and styling tips to keep in mind when donning this trend! Don’t worry, I won’t have you looking like Neo from The Matrix.

Hot Tips
  • A duster coat should fall anywhere just above or below the knees, above the ankle bone, or less than an inch above the ground. Otherwise… it’s not a duster coat – they were originally  made after-all to protect you from being trailed by dirt or dust!
  • For petite figures, a full length option can overwhelm your body. Instead, opt for a coat just below or above the knee, cut in a slim silhouette, with a belted or structured torso to accentuate your figure.
  • As for what you wear with a duster – this is the best part: anything. I mean it – the old rule of matching your skirt hem to your coat length is passe, so feel free to wear a mini skirt with patterned tights with your full length duster. 
  • If you aren’t ready to make the investment in a winter jacket, if you live in a warmer climate, or you just aren’t one who wants to experiment with this trend, you can get a similar effect with a long cardigan – these were especially popular in the 90s and early 00’s! I had a few and wore them with just about anything in my closet.
Will you be wearing extra-long coats or cardigans this Fall or do you
 like sticking to traditional-length coats and jackets? Share below!
 I’m off now to finish running my errands – have a beautiful day!
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