20 Fall Essentials #12: Knee-High Boots

Oh my goodness, my internet has been down since 1pm yesterday but it’s seriously felt like much longer than that! I finally had a break where I can get a lot of my work done, and of course that had to happen – don’t the worst things occur when you have several things to accomplish?! Sigh. It’s obviously back up and running now; plus, I have cable! Pretty excited to watch Gossip Girl, 90210, ANTM, and Project Runway on real time – probably will be tweeting my thoughts while watching, too, hehe.

So once again, the seventies vibe is sweeping through our closets and the streets, this time with knee-high boots! Instead of wearing this staple in the traditional way, why not try them with a long sheer dress or that leather pencil skirt you’ve been lusting after! I absolutely love the fact that I can wear more than one trend in a single outfit this season – they’ve done such a good job this time around with that – making it much easier for us to style our outfits. Wearing knee-high boots also help in bringing out your favorite pair of textured, patterned, colored, or sexy tights, socks, and leggings!

What killed off the knee-high boot fad last time around was the specific way of wearing it: over a skinny jean. This look has definitely turned into a cliche, preferred by women who are clearly under some sort of impression that it makes them look racy, when it’s just an easy way to sophisticate your look (not saying that’s a bad thing, but, it’s nice to switch it up even more!) This fall and winter, wear your boots with a skirt, ideally long enough to graze the top of the boots. Unless you’re a long-legged girl like me, I don’t think you want to foreshorten even more by diving yourself up into three parts (skirt, legs, boots). That may just be a personal preference, though! Either way – like I always say – experiment away! I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, just saying.

Follow these stylish looks below to get you started on wearing this classic pair of shoes right away – the weather calls for it, ladies!
Knee High Boots #1

Knee High Boots #1 by danah 

Knee High Boots #2

Knee High Boots #2 by danah 
Knee High Boots #3

Knee High Boots #3 by danah

What are your favorite ways to wear your knee-high boots?! I definitely
need to find a new pair for this season – in black and camel/brown – since
mine are very outdated and old. Share your thoughts below!
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4 responses to “20 Fall Essentials #12: Knee-High Boots”

  1. I love knee high boots! The third outfit is my favorite 🙂


  2. In love with the white boots!
    Overall, i like wearing those knee-high boots.

    The-Bel(Fashion Blog, Online Shop, Street Style)


  3. Randomly stumbled across your blog & i like your style so thought id show the love by leaving a comment 😉




  4. Joyce: Yay! I think that might be my favorite as well (: Glad you liked it!

    Vanesa: The white fringe, right?! Those are pretty fun! I love wearing them too (:

    Danny: Thank you love! Will check out yours shortly 😀



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