20 Fall Essentials #13: Boy Meets Girl

I finally did some major shopping for work (and play!) and bought a TON of new Betsey Johnson clothes. I definitely did not want to spend as much as I did, but I haven’t treated myself to a new piece in so long… so I snagged seven new ones! Maybe the good weather is rubbing off on me and putting me in a great mood lately, despite anything crappy that is going on. Today I’m bringing you another fall essential: Menswear!

I’m seeing menswear a lot more lately – in a more traditional manner – in black and white blouses, sharp blazers, and sleek trousers. It took me a while to grasp the concept and turn it into something feminine, but after seeing the look donned by celebrities like Charlize Theron, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Aniston, I pretty much got the hang of it. I have a lot of pieces in my wardrobe that I can definitely turn into a menswear-inspired look, but it can get tricky sometimes as to where to actually wear the outfit. What’s nice about this trend though is that you definitely don’t have to stick to wearing neutrals – although it would have you playing the part to a tee – and you know I’m a huge sucker for punches of color!

Blake Lively wore her menswear-inspired looks to perfection!
Hot Tips
  • The number one key rule when wearing menswear is to add feminine touches. For instance, a satin blouse balances wide-leg trousers; a sexy bustier and layered necklaces work with a structured blazer; and peek-a-boo lace softens an otherwise hard-edge look.
  • Kicking off your look with killer heels is an absolute must, especially if you choose a suit – look for oxfords and loafers. When wearing a casual skirt and blazer, feel free to wear your favorite, polished, ballerina flats. 
  • Another tip for success is to buy pieces that are made for us ladies and not the gents! You can borrow suspenders and a classic fedora from the boys, but the rest should be cut for the female figure.
  • Add some metallic or sequin accents! We know that metallics are another huge trend for this fall, so why not incorporate them in your menswear look? Take inspiration from Kirsten Dunst (shown below) with her shiny collar – I’m actually kind of obsessed.
  • If you’re not a white kind of girl, try an eggshell or off-white hued blazer, blouse or trouser bottom. Taking a look at Alexa Chung below, she adds contrast to her crisp white blouse by throwing on an eggshell jacket. 
  • Accessorize! This part is always my favorite with any trend, particularly one that brings out a school-girl edge to it. Look for suspenders, ties, and faux collars to amp up your look even more.
Key Pieces
  • The Blazer: Say goodbye to your long trench coats and parkas as you should be looking out for a chic, wool blazer. Create the perfect fall outfit in this breezy weather by wearing a light-hued blazer atop a light sweater or blouse in red, orange, or green. Pair it with shorts, tights, and combat boots to be comfortable and stylish or leather loafers for an Upper East Side finish. 
  • Satin Blouses: This piece goes along with several other trends for the fall, including the seventies look and metallics. By wearing one underneath a structured blazer or tucked into comfy trouser bottoms, you’re definitely going to look polished, feminine, and not like one of the boys!
  • The Suit: Whether you’re heading to the office or you’re simply trying to impress your boss or colleague, be on the lookout for a sleek suit. You surely don’t have to stick to black, though – try navy or even shades of brown to stand out while still looking professional. 
  • Oxfords & Loafers: Both oxfords and loafers have made a huge and major comeback this fall, and I’m loving both! Wear these styles to add a quick and subtle masculine touch to your feminine-menswear look. 
  • Suspenders: Suspenders are not exactly a ‘key’ accessory but it definitely makes me think menswear and it’s fun to mix it with feminine touches. Wear over a lace top to have ‘boy meets girl’ or wear over a classic white button-down for a chic and simple look. 
I’ve always had a hard time finding blouses that fit me since they all seem
 to be quite big for some odd reason; but maybe that’s not a bad thing this
 time around since we’re seeing more loose and comfy silhouettes! 
What is your favorite take on menswear and how would you wear the trend? 

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  1. I like a nice pair of slacks with matching socks



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